Five Electronics You Need to Hibernate All Winter

This is my favorite time of year to stay in and never go out. At least, on the weekends anyway. Plus, it’s really easy to obtain the technology to make the whole hibernation thing a lot more fun.

So, what electronics do you need to hibernate all winter?

1) HDMI Cables

Okay, time to get a little technical here. But you know all those online videos you love to watch? It may be Netflix. It may be those freebies you find. Either way, your laptop houses all the entertainment you need. So, how do you connect this to the flat screen television you’ve been ignoring? HDMI Cables of course. While you do need to do a little research before purchasing one, this should be the first one your list while preparing to hibernate this winter.

2) E-Reader


Sure, we all love the touch and feel of real books. But when it comes right down to it, and it’s a decision between going outside to the local bookstore or staying in and just downloading one to your e-reader, the technology will always win out.

Do some research and figure out which e-reader would be right for you. It’ll be the best decision for your inner hermit.

3) Wireless Speaker System.

It’s time to expand the way you listen to music. With a simple blue tooth connection, you can make your music sound out loud in a bigger and better way. So ditch the dock and start looking into a wireless system for your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device.

4) Video Game System

You’ll need some extra entertainment for your winter hibernation. This means a video game system. These days video games have gone far beyond their expectations and it’s time to get, literally, into the game.

5) Touch Screen Gloves.

With all that touch screen action in our life, and the winter being upon us, save yourself the freezing hands and get yourself gloves you don’t have to ever take off. Things like Agloves or do research on some of your other options.

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