Make Your Brand a Viral Hit with a TikTok Agency

TikTok took the world by storm during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. With restrictions on movement keeping families at home, social media users worldwide took to the new platform and utilized its video creation software to create new trends and types of content. From individuals to brands, new viral stars were born. As the app has grown exponentially in use, TikTok agencies have sprouted up, offering brands a chance to taste some viral glory.

Brands large to small are using TikTok agencies to help get their messaging and brand information into the eyes and ears of billions around the world. But despite the platform being ubiquitous, advertising on TikTok takes skill and creativity to pull off successfully. Rather than waste money and time on failed campaigns, many companies use TikTok agencies to get the job done.

How to Market Successfully on TikTok

We all know how TikTok works by now. Users create videos and share them to the world using hashtags. From the second you open your TikTok account, you will start to see content playing in your video feed. Every which way you swipe – content.

Logically, we might think that TikTok would get boring as a result of content overload; however, the creativity of TikTok stars and viral champions keeps us swiping, and swiping, and swiping. So how do you cut through the content stream and deliver a killer advertisement?
The trick is to blend in with content that your target consumer base is already searching for and looking at. This is easier said than done, and savvy TikTokers will be able to see right through any contrived attempt at an authentic and organic video.

Whether you are doing in-feed ads or branded takeovers, hitting a home run on TikTok takes a blend of creativity and authenticity that only the TikTok agency can provide. On the flip side, no one wants to be that annoying brand with terrible TikToks.

Why Partner with a TikTokAgency?

TikTok is a fast-paced social platform where trends come and go within a matter of days. To make a real viral hit on TikTok, you need to act fast. Brands are given no exception in this fast-paced environment and need to have their finger on the cultural pulse at all times.
Think Oreo at Super Bowl XLVII – even today, you can still dunk in the dark – in terms of spontaneity and mix in the creativeness of the Harlem Shake, and you’re seven years too late to go viral on TikTok.

The point being, only TikTok agencies have expert marketers and creative staff on hand to follow the latest trends and quickly produce high-quality and dynamic content. A team of young creative marketers at a TikTok agency will undoubtedly give you the best chance to reach the most eyeballs on TikTok.

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