Easy Ways to Make Extra Cash

More and more often, people are looking for ways to supplement their income outside of work. Whether it’s to enjoy more experiences with family or friends or just to have a bit more to spend on holidays or shopping, in this economy almost everybody is interested in making a bit of extra money on the side.

Car boot sales

An old favourite way to make money at the same time as minimising your clutter is making use of local car boot sales. Most areas tend to have one or two a week – generally a weekend sale and a midweek sale – so you can easily find a time that suits you. It costs an average of £5-8 to book a table, but with the right bits and bobs from around your home you can make a profit of hundreds.

Sell your things over the internet

The internet has become the ideal virtual sales platform. It is cheap; there are no rental costs, and seller fees are minimal if present at all. Auction websites will charge a small fee for listing and selling, but have scope to draw in more customers, which will boost the result of your sale. Alternatively you could sell stuff for free using a website that will offer you a fixed sum, which could be higher than your sale would have been in an auction.

Make the most of your skills

Handmade jewellery and home decorations are incredibly on trend at the moment, and many people choose to sell their crafts. If your work is of a high enough standard to sell it to customers, try setting up an online shop or attending craft fairs to sell a couple of bits and bobs and make a few extra pennies.

Use your spare time wisely

There are many easy ways to use your time to earn money when you’re at home. ‘Time is Money’ is never more true than when you sign up to online survey sites; websites which send you surveys and offer you money in exchange for your time in completing them. Though this won’t earn you mega money, it could be an extra £10-20 a month – enough to pay for a monthly trip to the cinema!

Look out for coupons and codes

Many websites and the packaging from products offer details of money saving coupons or voucher codes to save money on future purchases or even receive some money back on the purchase you’ve just made.  There are websites dedicated to receiving discount codes, and registering with those can save you money on nights out or even your weekly shop – though this technically isn’t making money, it’s saving money so that you can use it on other things.

There are many easy ways to make money that can become part of your daily routine. That little boost to your income can be a great way to make the most of your time with your loved ones – and it’s fun, too.

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