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Clean and Clear Child monitoring With a Cell Phone Tracking App

There is a main reason why a few parents are not happy with their children using smartphones. This is because there are so many apps available for smartphones that children spend all of their time using these apps and it leaves them will very less time for other activities. Not all apps are considered fun and entertaining; there are very few that provide a service that is especially useful for parents. This service is a clean and clear monitoring of your child’s cell phone and this can be done easily with the help of a cell phone tracking app StealthGenie.

cell phone tracking

What does StealthGenie do?

StealthGenie provides parents with a service that they really find useful. Just imagine that as a parent if you know that you can know about all the activities of your child just by getting the services of a single app, you would be over the moon.

How to use this app?

This cell phone tracking app gets installed inside the cell phone of your child and works secretly inside it without letting your child find out about it. It does not disturb even a single feature of your child’s cell phone and performs its job in a pretty reasonable way. This app is compatible with all the latest Android, Blackberry and iPhone handsets.

Geo tracking and record surrounding:

Two of the most valuable features of StealthGenie are the “Geo Tracking” and the “Live surroundings” feature. The Geo Tracking feature provides parents with the precise GPS location of their children whenever they want to know about it. The ‘Live surroundings’ feature lets them record all the sounds surrounding the cell phone of their children.

Call records:

Records of all the calls made to and from the cell phone of children are shown to parents by this cell phone tracking app. The complete duration of every call as well as the exact time at which those calls were made are also part of those records. Parents can even record any call if they wish to.

A unique service:

Being a parent if you are looking for an application that provides you with all the information related to your child’s cell phone, then you must give StealthGenie a try. This cell phone tracking app does provide users with a unique and useful service and that too for a price as low as $8.33 a month.

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