Applications of android- elixir for enjoyment

The android applications are available at many online sites waiting for just to be downloaded by you for your dream android phone. These applications make the gadget more interesting and fun to have it around. One best thing that you should know is the android developers give this for free. What more do you want?


android applications

The social network giant is now travelling with you to places where you could take your android phone, pc or a laptop. It is not needed to sign in to your account anymore. Chat, upload, download, view photos, albums and everything on move from your Facebook account

Google sky map

Google sky map

With android applications, even sky is not the limit. This particular app allows you to sky map, which means, just point your android phone towards the sky and view the constellations to stars alignment in your gadget. Be ready, you could even catch a glimpse of an UFO, if at all it exists.


Winamp For Android

Music makes everyone happy, so carry on the android phone with the Winamp music application. Now, this app even allows mac, itunes to get supported on your android phone. It is a media player which is free but fine.

RAC traffic

RAC traffic

On the move app title suits this particular application on your android phone. This app finds the amount of traffic density with the help of your mobile signal in that particular area where you are driving. Mark the traffic and move on to a different route to reach the destination faster, cool, isn’t it?

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