5 Fun Browser Games that Will Elevate your Mood

Did you know that a video game can make you feel guilt, anxiety, happiness, and other emotions?

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According to recent studies, the actions we perform in the game trick the brain into reacting with real emotions. As such, video games can have a powerful impact on our mood and state of mind, and we may not even be aware of this factor!

Moreover, funny games can be a quick way to change a bad mood and make yourself feel better about life in general. The combination of funny characters, interesting gameplay, and successful missions elevates our level of endorphins and helps us feel better.

So why not give it a try? The next time you feel a little bit sad, try one of the browser games below. They don’t need extra resources and can even be played on your smartphone!

#1: Town of Salem

While the title doesn’t sound too cheery, the game is challenging and puts your brain to the test in a whole new manner.

Town of Salem is a roleplaying game that transforms you into a conniving liar whose main job is misleading other players but make sure other players don’t mislead you. There are several types of characters (Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Neutrals) but nobody knows which is which. Each category has many different roles, each with a unique special power that can be used during the night phase of the game (when players plan their moves and write their wills).

Now, the townspersons’ main job is to find all the villain characters and stop them from killing everyone in town using the tools at their disposal.

The action is a bit more complex, but this is what makes the game fun and entertaining.


If you’re a bit older, you probably played this game on a Nokia phone, only back then it was called Snake and it didn’t have that much color in it. is a better version of the old Snake, in terms of color and action, but the basic action remains the same. Your job is to get as big as possible without hitting obstacles or being eaten by other players. Now, to get big, you need to find and eat points that show up on the map.

It may not sound like much, but a round of will help you focus on one task, thus freeing your mind from stress and other dark thoughts.

#3: Transformice

This one is hilarious because it has a colony of mice trying to work together to get a piece of cheese. Of course, everyone wants the cheese for themselves, so such a simple task becomes impossible since there’s no way to get the cheese on your own!

The fun part comes when all the mice plummet to their death in funny squeaks and motions! Transformice is one of those games that reminds you life shouldn’t be taken too seriously if you want to live it to the fullest.

Basically, it’s a fun and breezy game that will have you laughing out loud regardless of your location.

#4: Hidden Object Games

This genre is so rich in themes and adventures that it’s difficult to choose just one!

The Hidden Object world of games can take you through all sorts of stories and can offer lots of challenging quests that will have you looking for stuff for hours. These games can be interesting and fun, but also mysterious and challenging.

So, if you’re interested in going on an adventure, there are a lot of cool and challenging hidden object games you can play here!

#5: Vikings Village

What could be more fun and relaxing than redheaded bearded Vikings smashing each other for being called ginger?

So, if you feel like punching someone, don’t do it in the real world! Just take a couple of minutes and do a round of Vikings Village! You’ll get to throw punches, objects, and even use various tools to destroy the ones who have offended your character.

But keep in mind, your opponents are equally mad and hardheaded, so they may be quite challenging!

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