Why WordPress rules the web?

For several years now we have been observing a trend in which the Internet has become a full-fledged advertising medium for both large and small companies. As a result, it became necessary to have a company website. Creating an extensive and modern website may cause many problems, however, our specialists, who deal with everyday creation of websites and applications based on WordPress platform, will easily cope with even the most difficult task.

What is WordPress?

The WordPress platform is written in PHP (a programming language designed to create web pages) and is a modern content management system. By connecting to a MySQL database, the platform can be installed on even the cheapest virtual server. For the sake of universality and simplicity of operation, it is designed mainly for blogging, however, currently it finds many other applications. The core of the software, like many platform extensions, is free of charge, which is its undeniable asset.

Why use WordPress to create your own website?

Recently, WordPress has become one of the most popular systems for content management on the Internet (CMS), including the creation of corporate websites and blogging. Why use WordPress to create websites? Thanks to the plug-in system and the available templates, WordPress is easy to modify and administer for non-technical users. This encourages the use of the platform in many different internet projects. Moreover, the latest data show that more than 23% of all websites in the world are based on WordPress. Thanks to the large community and constant development, technical support for each customer is quick and effective. In addition, the system has a built-in content tagging mechanism, friendly URLs, a taxonomy system and a range of available plug-ins that allow you to optimize your content well under SEO.

WordPress can do more than you expect

It has been accepted that the WordPress platform is mainly used for blogging and simple websites. This trend is changing due to the high versatility of the platform and the simplicity of its operation. WordPress can now be used to create and deliver complex booking systems, online shops, online services, recruitment systems and much more. Thanks to this, all your activities on the Internet can be supported by one platform. What’s more, WordPress is not only used by single users for small projects. It often happens that even php web development company carries out large projects based on WordPress.

eCommerce at WordPress – Woocommerce

WooCommerce is an easy way to turn your business website, created on the WordPress platform, into a profitable e-shop. WooCommmerce is one of thousands of extensions available for users to WordPress platform, which is designed to transform the website into an e-shop. This plugin allows you to enter products and define their parameters. Customers who browse the Internet shop gain the possibility to use the basket, which makes it easier to make purchases and increase your real income.

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