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Top Ten Site Reviews is a review blog that has been founded in 2018 by William Denver.  Its main purpose is to review digital products sold online through platforms such as ClickBank and JVzoo.  The goal is to offer insight to future customers on what they should expect after purchasing these digital products.  The reviews include things like how good the customer service is, what type of results they might expect from an online course, is the sales page truthful and does the product work.

Reviewing products takes a lot of time and going through the internet to find new products to review can be an arduous task.  Sometimes it takes weeks of testing to get good results, and the golden rule at Top Ten Site Reviews is that if it’s not a positive review we don’t publish it, which means that the product has to have at least a 50% score to be published.  We believe that by remaining positive, the experience on our site is better.  So if it’s not on our site be careful, it might be a lemon.  But don’t worry we can’t write about all of the products found on the internet.

Sometimes we get feedback from people telling us our review was inaccurate, and we do our best to reflect your opinion too.  If this is the case, you can ask for a modification to part or the entirety of one of our reviews. If we decide that you have a good insight into the product may be a factor that we failed to cover, we will modify the review or remove it.  Please note that you can at all times give a rating of a specific product on our review. Or comment at the bottom of the review.

We try to cover all new digital products and look through the biggest marketplaces online to find popular product launches.  If you have suggestions feel free to contact us, you can find our info on our blog

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