Top 10 Marketing Tools

No serious Internet project can do without the use of various software and services that automate, simplify and improve the quality of business processes – new marketing tools from which you can choose the best marketing tool.


What is a Marketing Tool?

It’s a helper, a tool of marketing that makes important work for you.

  1. You can easily collect detailed statistics of site visits, monitor key performance indicators, analyze the behavior of visitors using the main tool of any web analyst – Google Universal Analytics.
  2. Organization of high-quality interaction between employees, speeding up workflow, working with clients and building reports becomes a simple task using a cloud service.
  3. For a telephoning office, creating a call center in 1 day, installing a voice menu, recording calls, building call forwarding scripts, and other solutions for communicating with clients, a virtual network is perfect.
  4. The connection to the website of the online consultant service, the callback form, the lead generator (collection of contact data), and the system for analyzing the effectiveness of advertising channels (up to the advertisement from which the client came who called) provides an automated service.
  5. Simple creation, testing, and analysis of landing pages (including mobile devices), as well as a center for optimizing the conversion of landing pages.
  6. For quick and convenient placement of advertisements in social networks and other sources, as well as its subsequent analysis, you should use a smart
  7. A monitoring system will be suitable for collecting and analyzing references to the company on the Web, quickly responding to customer reviews and analyzing reputation.
  8. Email sending to customers and subscribers of the company, wide opportunities for segmenting the mailing base and subsequent analysis of its effectiveness is a simple task for a full-fledged email marketing service.
  9. To work on website promotion in search engines, internal/external optimization and improve behavioral characteristics, use the software package.
  10. And to create a stunning website, content, develop business ideas, build effective logistics, as well as the subsequent earning of fabulous sums, one of the most complex and sophisticated Internet marketing tools is used – your own head.

Moving on to the Most Curious — Unusual Marketing Tools.

  1. Ambient Media

Non-standard advertising that penetrates into the environment of the target audience. Simply put, it is embedded into our daily life. Of course, the message of the brand also broadcasts. Such advertising is placed on the walls and roofs of houses, on sidewalks and vehicles, in shopping centers and cinemas, on benches in squares and stairs. In general, anywhere.

  1. Product Sitting

Before putting the product on the market, the manufacturer sends samples to consumers (but necessarily to opinion leaders) to get their opinion and then distribute it through other channels. Only the end user will give fair feedback and point out all the flaws.

This is a test drive but only for a special category – for opinion leaders.

  1. Crazy PR

The name speaks for itself. Take any extravagant idea – and go ahead, bring it to life. The main thing is not to overstep the limits of reasonable (and decency, too) and to ensure that Crazy PR fits well into the positioning of the product, service or the brand itself.

  1. Storytelling

Long before the appearance of the first business, the six strongest words in all languages ​​were “Let me tell you a story.” Storytelling is a tool that inspires, motivates, and naturally sells. If you know how to transform an ordinary story into a grandiose one, make the audience laugh, wonder, and inspire.

  1. Tripping

Before you buy something, a potential client can get acquainted with the product closer – scroll through the book, take the car for a test drive, put a drop of perfume on the skin and feel how the fragrance will unfold. People no longer want to buy a cat in a bag. In addition, such a marketing tool will increase loyalty at times. Besides, it’s fair. If a person does not need a product, he will not buy it and will not spend money in vain no matter what you do.

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