Tips To Become a Successful Business Woman

While she is known for marrying into the wealthy Sarofim family of Houston, Texas, Courtney Sarofim was always destined for greatness. Women hoping to achieve success in traditionally male-dominated fields such as banking might learn from Sarofim’s professional path. Women striving to find a work-life balance should learn from her example. If you seek motivation from one of the most successful women in Huston, look at these tips.

Do Not be Afraid To Take Risks

Courtney Lanier Sarofim has experience with financial research, acquisitions, and investments. As a result, she is an unexploited source of inspiration. When it comes to women in business, it’s no surprise that Courtney has it all together. Susan Sarofim, her mother-in-law, is an unstoppable force who helped Courtney on her journey.

Courtney attended Columbia University and majored in Political Science. She also graduated from the University of Houston Law Center with a Juris Doctor degree, and she worked as an associate at a century-old legal firm in New York City.

Upon returning to Houston in 1998, she became Vice-President of her father’s real estate development firm. She then partnered with a Houston investment firm in 2013. During her time there, she supported Sarofim’s investments in various companies. Everything from biotech businesses to motorcycles was on the agenda. People recognize her for her ability to identify investment and buyout opportunities. Her area of expertise includes early-stage oil and gas, real estate and technology companies, as well as venture funds and other startups.

Keep A Passion for Politics

Courtney is passionate about state and federal politics. She is the stepdaughter of the late Bob Lanier, the former mayor of Houston, and she studied political science as an undergraduate. Although she is not vocal about her political views, her gift trail indicates her political preferences.

Even though her father is a Democrat, she has been a discreet supporter of Republican politicians, organizations, and campaigns since 1990. She contributed money to a presidential campaign in 2012, and she recently backed another for the 2016 presidential primaries.

Help Out With Worthy Causes

Courtney, known for her modesty, prefers to hide her numerous philanthropic actions. She serves on private school and art museum boards, gives scholarships to impoverished children and throws parties for successful ladies. She also holds board and trustee positions with the following groups:

  • The Huston Ballet
  • Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Menil Council
  • The Children’s Museum

Without her help, events like the Society of Performing Arts Luncheon, KIPP Academy benefit dinner, and Bayou Bend Children’s Party would not be the same. For example, Courtney was instrumental in obtaining about $500 million for the Houston Museum of Fine Arts redevelopment in 2015.

Support Major Women’s Issues

Courtney Sarofim was a special guest at the Astro Foundation’s Safe at Home Luncheon and Style Show in 2019. The event raised about $200,000 to combat domestic violence and promote education programs. Also, Courtney staged a Houston book launch for noted ladies novelist Plum Sykes, who is also a friend of the businesswoman, in 2017.

Create A Balance Between Work and Personal Time

Courtney has three children with her husband, Christopher. He and Courtney both work for Fayez Sarofim, the investment firm founded by Christopher’s father.

Courtney can successfully balance time spent at work and home due to her strong family network in both her professional and personal life. Furthermore, her children even get to experience her hectic professional life. Courtney, a member of the Houston Zoo’s board of directors, worked hard to secure funding for a new African Forest exhibit. One of the benefits for her family was that her young daughter Louisa Sarofim could spend a lot of time with all of the exotic creatures!

Always Look Professional 

Courtney Sarofim is well-known for her effortless yet always on-trend looks. She famously noted that while she enjoys looking well, everything she wears must accommodate her tight schedule.

She is a multi-time winner of the Annual Houston Chronicle Best Dressed award,  given out at Neiman Marcus in Houston, and she is noted for putting together strange outfits that work. For instance, she once wore a pink taffeta skirt by Oscar de la Renta with a crystal-studded t-shirt. A standout Louis Vuitton cream silk, velvet toe, and black ribbon pumps could be a favorite find.

It is easy to see why Courtney Sarofim is a woman to be admired. Not only is she educated, but she worked tirelessly for the success she has today. With her wealthy status, she betters others’ lives with charitable donations.

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