[FIX!] Device Not Supported 100% Working Solution! [PUBG Mobile]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG for shorter is one of the hottest game for mobile right now and most played Battle Royale game for mobile gamers. With its massive popularity, developers have tons of work to do to keep the game running smoothly on mobile devices…

But still, there are many Android devices which are not compatible with PUBG and mobile gamers are unable to play it due to errors like “Your device is not supported at the moment” or other critical errors like “PUBG Mobile not compatible with your device”.

Don’t worry! You are not alone!

Even if you are trying to get PUBG Mobile running on your PC with emulator app like Bluestacks and you still can’t play it because of errors like “Emulator detected…” or “Low memory” on Bluestacks, you still aren’t alone and there are ways to fix PUBG not working on Bluestacks.

We have gathered some tested & 100% working, real ways and solutions that will help you fix PUBG Mobile incompatibility issues and play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on your mobile without any difficulties!

Identify real error reason

[FIX!] Device Not Supported 100% Working Solution! [PUBG Mobile]
[FIX!] Device Not Supported 100% Working Solution! [PUBG Mobile]

If you don’t see any message like that telling you that your device is not supported, then this may mean that your device is officially supported but not compatible for some reason…

It could be a temporary performance problem, current game bug with your software version, one time problem or anything else.

If there is no menu in PUBG Mobile or you are getting low memory errors, that is most likely performance issue and what you need is just some more resources: close other apps, eliminate background processes, lower graphics settings, reboot phone…

If error message is exactly like one above, or at least has similar meaning, then, unfortunately, your device truly isn’t supported and you need to proceed to next step…

Ask for support

If you are not using any emulation software and you are running PUBG on your mobile or tablet device, the best and easiest option would be to ask Tencent team to support your device – it may sounds like time wasting but it really works!

There are thousands of different mobile devices, each with different hardware & software configurations, for sure, they can’t optimise PUBG for every mobile. So they prioritise some over other. A good feedback from users is important for any company and Tencent is not an exception!

If you will ask Tencent to support your device, they will prioritise your mobile among thousands of others and you will soon see your device in the supported list.

How to get your device supported

First of all, you need to launch the game on your device and wait for it to load the basic screen.

[FIX!] Device Not Supported 100% Working Solution! [PUBG Mobile]
[FIX!] Device Not Supported 100% Working Solution! [PUBG Mobile]

Then click help button available at the right top corner. Under “How can we help?“, politely explain your issue and ask them to support your device. You can use following text:

Hi Tencent, I am a potential PUBG Mobile player but I am unable to play it as my device is not supported. My device model is Samsung Galaxy S9, please support it so we can play.

* Replace Samsung Galaxy S9 with your actual model!

Fill all other required details carefully, then all is left is clicking send button. After reviewing your request, you will get reply from Tencent with instructions about what you can do to play PUBG Mobile or when they will support your device.

If you want to fix PUBG Mobile not working on Bluestacks, move to next step…

Fix PUBG not supported on Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the most popular emulator app for Windows which let’s you to run Android games on PC. It plays Android’s apk files and cache so you can play any game on PC like it was real mobile – in other words, Bluestacks is a virtual Android smartphone.

Just like any smartphone, Bluestacks also has some limitations but the good thing is, those limitations are virtual and can easily be changed!

[FIX!] Device Not Supported 100% Working Solution! [PUBG Mobile]
[FIX!] Device Not Supported 100% Working Solution! [PUBG Mobile]

All you need to do is to navigate in Bluestacks settings, Engine and change limits shown in picture above. Please note that you will need at least 2GB Ram, Advanced graphics mode & 2 Cores set in Bluestacks to run PUBG, however, 4Gb Ram and 4 Cores are recommended.

These are all real, tested and working methods to fix PUBG not compatible issues on mobile. If you know any other handy method or simply want to share your experience, feel free to join discussion in comments!

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