All You Need To Know About Apple iPad Mini Promotion

The Apple iPad Mini is a tablet computer released by Apple Inc. It has taken the market by storm and has been selling like hotcakes, with a demand that greatly outnumbers supply. As Apple is the world’s most popular technology company and iPad is one of the most widely-used tablets in the world, the two are almost synonymous when it comes to tablet computing. With that in mind, it is no surprise that the iPad Mini would have the same effect. And, with a starting price of just $400, The following are some of the promotion features one will get by buying this model;

Free delivery and sim card registration

Customers can enjoy free delivery when purchasing an iPad Mini via Apple Online Store. They are also offered the convenience of being able to register their SIM card through Apple SIM. This lets the consumer choose from a variety of short-term data plans directly from their iPad Mini.

Free access to selected Apps

Buyers of iPad Mini are entitled to free access to selected apps on the App Store. This includes free 3 months of Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is a game service that allows you to play over 100 new games for iPhone and iPad. Visit to understand better about this promotion. The best part is that the games are curated by Apple and will be available for all apple users.

  1. Free 3 months access to apple Tv+

Every purchase of iPad Mini entitles the buyer to 3 months of free access to Apple TV+. The new streaming service from Apple lets users watch more than 100 premiers Sunday games live or on-demand. They also stand to win access to Apple TV+ original movies and series. Moreover, with the TV+ app, users can enjoy series on the go and watch them at their convenience.

Unlimited data weekend browsing

Every transaction of the iPad Mini on the Apple Store allows the buyer to enjoy unlimited weekend data browsing. This means that anyone can stay online all weekend long without feeling the pinch on their data. Customers should bear in mind though that the free weekend data offer only applies to certain mobile network providers.

Free 6 months access to apple music

Every customer who purchases an iPad Mini is entitled to free six-month access to Apple Music. The service offers more than 45 million songs so it is ideal for those who love music. The six-month access enables the user to enjoy Apple Music on their favorite devices such as iPad Mini. There are a variety of genres to choose from.

Free caller number display

When you purchase an iPad Mini, you are entitled to a free caller number display. This means that the recipient’s number will be displayed on the recipient’s phone screen. This feature is offered by many networks so it is often a matter of choosing the right network provider for this purpose. It should be noted that this feature may not apply to some networks and it might come at an extra fee.

Free 1TB of iCloud storage

For individuals who love to store photos on their devices, iPad Mini is an excellent choice. The device comes with 1TB of free iCloud storage. This means that users can store all their photos, videos, and music. It is also possible to access the files from any device.


Apple iPad mini is a steal for anyone looking for a great tablet at an affordable price. The features that come with this device are amazing and will surely be beneficial for anyone who invests in it. Moreover, the fact that you get all these features for only $400 makes it even better. It is definitely worth the investment.

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