5 Methods to Earn a Living Using Only Your Phone

When we were young, it was hardly conceivable how much power we would hold in our pockets in our smartphones. We essentially have multiple times the processing power of the world’s finest supercomputers from a few decades ago. So, it’s difficult to understand why we don’t make more use of these ultra-powerful tools. You can make a living using nothing more than this one tool

Teaching or Tutoring

If you have expertise in a specific area, it is possible to offer teaching or tutoring online, which can be easily done without a PC. You have a high definition video camera on almost all new phones these days; you can download, read, and send documents as well. You can, in return, receive written work, mark it, and send it back to your students. The whole educational process can be done on a single device and from anywhere in the world.

App Development

One of the key elements that make a smartphone special is mobile applications, more commonly known as apps. Apps can be used for everything from shopping, to work, to creative processes, but what we also need to consider is the considerably huge market for developing apps. You can even get apps that assist you in developing apps so that anyone can create a high-quality app even with zero coding knowledge.

Online Investment

Trading and investing are classic ways of making (or losing if you’re not careful) money, and as with many other things we have discussed, you can do it from the palm of your hand on your device. The options are much more diverse than at any time in the past, and you can trade in stocks, government bonds, even cryptocurrencies you can convert any currency into something like Bitcoin. You can check out the IDR to BTC exchange rate instantly, for example. It’s important to realize that investing always carries a risk, and any money you put in will always have some possibility of being lost.

Blogging, Podcasting & YouTubing

As we spoke of earlier, you have a camera that records high definition video and audio. You can use this feature to your advantage to make engaging content. This can be an audio podcast on a subject you have passion for, a sport, music, books, pretty much anything. You only need a little bit of extra equipment to make this professional looking and sounding quality. If you add a little bit of lighting and a professional quality microphone, then it’s not tricky to learn the skills as you go to work to the highest of standards.


You can become a professional driver with nothing more than a phone app, well a car obviously, but we’ll assume you have one if you want to drive. You can be an effective taxi for hire with apps such as Uber or Lyft or become a delivery driver for countless different logistics firms. This is a way of earning that doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon, considering the high cost of self-driving cars.

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