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Top 5 Free IoT Platforms to Use in 2024

The Internet of Things (IoT) remains a transformative force, driving innovation across industries. For enthusiasts, developers, and businesses exploring IoT applications, an array of free IoT platforms presents an exciting opportunity. These platforms empower users to experiment, prototype, and deploy IoT solutions without financial barriers, fostering a collaborative and dynamic ecosystem. In this era of connectivity, this introduction serves as a gateway to discover the top free IoT platforms in 2024, facilitating exploration and implementation of cutting-edge IoT projects.

Free IoT Platforms to Use in 2024 are:


Blynk simplifies IoT development by offering a unified platform encompassing secure cloud, firmware libraries, and an intuitive app builder. With its fully integrated suite of IoT software, Blynk caters to manufacturers of smart products, from smart home devices to complex HVAC systems and agricultural equipment. The platform empowers companies to build branded apps with no code and access comprehensive IoT infrastructure through a single subscription.

Blynk’s user-friendly approach appeals to developers, business leaders, and end-users alike. Developers benefit from APIs, hosted cloud, and no-code app builders, enabling them to fast-track product development. Business leaders can quickly transition from prototype to managed fleet, while end-users enjoy intuitive, ready-to-use apps. Trusted by over 500,000 engineers worldwide, Blynk supports a vast community of IoT developers and offers no-code mobile and web app development, simple APIs, and seamless integration with various hardware models. With features like Wi-Fi provisioning and over-the-air updates, Blynk ensures a hassle-free IoT development experience.

Amazon AWS Free Tier

The Amazon AWS Free Tier offers a gateway for individuals, startups, and enterprises to gain hands-on experience with over 100 AWS products and services, fostering innovation and learning. Three types of free offers cater to different user needs: 12 Months Free, Always Free, and Trials. Notably, AWS provides a diverse range of services under the Free Tier, spanning categories like Compute, Database, Storage, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and more.

In the IoT category, AWS offers 12 months of free usage for services like AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management, and AWS IoT Events. These services enable users to explore local compute capabilities, device connectivity to the cloud, device management at scale, and event detection and response from IoT sensors and applications. The Free Tier extends to the Machine Learning category with a free trial of AWS HealthScribe, allowing healthcare software vendors to build clinical applications analyzing patient-clinician conversations.

Kaa Enterprise

Kaa Enterprise IoT Platform emerges as a versatile and robust solution for businesses, offering a flexible approach to IoT device management and analytics. With features like device connectivity through graphical UI or REST API, Kaa enables seamless control and visualization of telemetry data using either its built-in dashboard or third-party tools like Grafana. The platform stands out with its fast, scalable, and modern IoT microservices architecture, backed by Kubernetes, ensuring infinite scalability and fault-tolerance.

The platform emphasizes security and user management, encrypting data in transit and at rest. With over 25 years of expertise in IoT, Telecom, and Big Data, the creators of Kaa bring their profound knowledge to deliver a top-tier IoT platform suitable for enterprises and startups alike. Kaa’s Node-RED hosting further enhances innovation, offering a dedicated instance with fixed subdomain names and competitive pricing. The platform supports various hardware types, including sensors, gateways, industrial PLCs, machines, vehicles, wearables, smartphones, and more.


OpenRemote stands out as a powerful and 100% open-source IoT platform tailored for manufacturers and integrators. Offering comprehensive solutions for device management at scale. Leveraging MQTT, HTTP, and WebSocket APIs. It facilitates seamless device connectivity, auto-provisioning, and secure digital representation creation. With a focus on empowering users, OpenRemote provides an extensive rules engine. Enabling the creation of automated system behavior and real-time device control based on live data.

The platform’s flexibility extends to data visualization, allowing users to collect, process, and present data through dedicated dashboards. OpenRemote’s multi-tenancy feature enables manufacturers to serve their distributors efficiently, offering personalized management environments with the ability to manage devices and implement automation logic independently. OpenRemote’s web components empower manufacturers to create custom apps for their customers, ensuring a tailored and user-friendly experience. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with existing business applications like ERP, CRM, or Identity services, providing a holistic workflow.

Mainflux Labs

Mainflux Labs stands at the forefront of IoT innovation, providing a comprehensive suite of services. It is including an open-source IoT platform, edge computing solutions, and consulting services. As a proud member and leader in the Linux Foundation Edgex Foundry project, Mainflux delivers end-to-end, patent-free IoT solutions with a commitment to openness and transparency.

The Mainflux IoT platform, available for on-prem, hybrid, or cloud deployment. It is built on microservices containerized by Docker and orchestrated with Kubernetes. Offering features like device management, data aggregation, connectivity, analytics, and more. It serves as a secure and performant infrastructure for IoT applications. The MFX-1 IoT Edge Gateway, a hardware solution developed for the B2B market, complements the Mainflux IoT platform. Based on optimized hardware, it ensures high performance, security, and industrial compliance for various IoT projects.


In the conclusion of IoT, the availability of free platforms in 2024. Empowers developers and businesses to explore, innovate, and scale their connected solutions. From AWS Free Tier offering hands-on experience with diverse services to Blynk’s user-friendly platform for smart product development. And Microsoft Learn providing a range of Python-focused learning paths, these platforms democratize IoT development. Whether it’s Google’s IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate or IBM’s Data Science Professional Certificate, the accessibility of these platforms ensures a thriving ecosystem. Fostering skill development and opening avenues for transformative IoT applications in the years to come.

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