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The Ultimate SEO Checklist In Marketing

Is SEO Important?

Typically there are two strategies when marketers look to be seen in the search engine rankings. The first technique is to bid on keywords in your company by using tools such as Google AdWords. You can bid on keywords that you wish to rank for.

The cost-per-click relies on a few aspects such as keyword, ad copy, competition, landing page, and click-through rate. Whilst bidding on keywords is an amazing way to rank a new website in a competitive business.

The second strategy is to make highly engaging and relevant content about your company based on keywords that your target audience often asks for or searches for. The traffic you get from this technique is named “organic traffic” and is the core of SEO. As a plus point, content that ranks fine without paid ad campaigns helps save your cash and gives more long-term success.

Hundreds of thousands of marketers have implemented this advice to boost their search traffic, and you can do it as well. While you don’t need to fill each item on this SEO checklist, the more you do, the better your results.

SEO Basics Checklist

When it comes to the SEO checklist, there are a lot of factors to consider. And while the details can seem overwhelming, following a checklist can help make the process a little less daunting.

Every marketing company takes care of a few SEO building blocks. It will help you get started with the tools to monitor your site’s performance.

Install Google Search Console 

The SEO tool Google Search Console helps marketers monitor their website performance not just in the Google search engine but also helps you monitor website problems.

Google Search Console has ample characteristics to help marketers, in:

  • See what sites link to your site
  • See which keywords bring your site extra traffic
  • Troubleshoot website errors
  • Submitting a Sitemap
  • Test and troubleshoot structured data.

Install Bing Webmaster Tools

You will also need to install Bing Webmaster Tools. Although Bing is not in demand compared to Google search, you will want to make sure that your website ranks for the search audience. When blending Bing and Google, you’ll be reaching over 89% of the search audience.

Setup Google Analytics

It’s a free tool that helps determine how visitors use your website and what marketing platforms they come from. Google Analytics has ample characteristics to help study how well your website is performing:

  • Study the type of users that view your site – Audience
  • Calculate how many users change into a client or lead –Conversions
  • Discover where the traffic comes from – Acquisition
  • Decide which pages are the most connecting – Behavior
  • Examine what pages cause users to leave – Bounce Rate

Set up an SEO Plugin

Many content management platforms need various SEO plugins to help optimize pages for search engines.

SEO Framework

This is the SEO plugin we use to help in optimizing pages for search engines. The SEO Framework is extremely lightweight and has all of the characteristics most other SEO plugins provide.


Yoast is the top most popular WordPress SEO Plugin and provides some fantastic features to help marketers with the website content like: Focus Keyword “Keystone Keyword”

Readability Score

Creating a readable website is important for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. The readability score can help with this and represents how easy the content of your page will be on readers’ screens.


Search engine optimization is a vital cornerstone for ranking any site fine online. It is essential to optimize in each way possible and to stay up-to-mark on the latest methods to help your content rise on the top.

Starting with a good basis in SEO will turn out to be a precious practice for all sites. Use these methods as a guideline to help improve and test your organic search rank.

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