Lexibook Kids Tablet–Brand New Tablet Stuffed With Features For Young Ones

Lexibook Kids Tablet

Gadgets have gained the attraction of people from all age groups. Technology mesmerizes the people with its ability to execute things that were once considered impossible. Tablets and phablets are the latest one to rock to the market coming out with loads of features. However, all these devices are being targeted at the big boys and there is relatively nothing for the kids in the market. French manufacturer has decided to address this gap by launching Lexibook kids tablet, specially designed tablet for kids. The tablet is already a popular hit in the European market and is now launched in the US.

Lexibook Kids Tablet

Lexibook Kids Tablet – With Preloaded Gaming and Top Applications

Lexibook kids tablet has a kid’s friendly user interface design and is pre-loaded with lot of educational stuff. It has general informative content, test sheets, quiz and puzzle questions etc. It comes with two hundred pre-loaded books and it has a school zone application. The pre-loaded rhymes, karoke videos and top songs of Susie Tallman’s will be a great addition. It has a software for photo editing and has a camera in it.

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The 25 gaming applications and 53 discovery applications will keep them glued to the screen.

Lexibook Kids Tablet – Rich in Kid’s Applications

Lexibook kids tablet has in built wi-fi connectivity with parental control options. There is a plethora of 10,000 applications specially designed for kids in the market which can be accessed and downloaded by the kids. Pandora, Pig Rush, Angry Birds are some of the few applications that can be accessed. Kids can access video portals and select their favorite movies and music. The tablet will be available in the US from September 15 onwards at various retail outlets of Toys’ RU. Be ready to buy one of the best tablets for your kids which will make them engaged through the day.

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