How To Plan An Event? A Small Guide To Help!

Now that every place is recovering from the COVID situation, many events are hosted each day. Are you also about to plan an event? Not sure of how to plan it or where to start from? Maybe you’ve been assigned a responsibility to manage an event just because you did so earlier. But it is important to remember that no two events are the same — just like no two snowflakes are alike. All are unique and have their distinct purpose. But in this article, we can provide you with a rough guide to help you start the process. It doesn’t cover everything, but it will at least give you the basics, a point to start from.

Type Of Event: Are you planning an internal event or an external one? Is it a holiday party? Or are you looking to network at your event? You could also organize training programs, team-building exercises, social events, conferences. Once you finalize this, confirm what type of event it will be. Is it in person, hybrid, or virtual? All of this will help you set goals and carry the process ahead.

Purpose Of Event: Every event has its distinct purpose. It is crucial to identify yours before you start planning. Why are you organizing this event? Is it to celebrate? To launch a product or to educate? Your purpose determines your plan and execution.

Determine Event Size: How many people will be attending your event? As you decide this, you can fix the venue where you want to host the event (depending on its capacity). More people mean a larger space to host and a higher cost on facilities and vice versa.

Determine Event Duration: What will be the event duration? For instance, if a conference is specifically for three to four hours, you can book a venue accordingly. However, the duration varies depending on the type of event you are hosting. You have to book the venue accordingly and manage other amenities like food, beverages, et al.

Create A Budget: No one likes to talk about money! In reality, no event can be planned without money. After knowing the size and duration and deciding the amenities like food, beverages, gifts, professional photography, and other such stuff, you will be able to estimate and budget easily. It should include the cost of everything from the venue, food, entertainment, technology, and every tiny detail. A budget will help you get a clearer picture of planning the event and think about ways to incorporate sponsors for the event.

Bookings And Planning: It is one of the easiest ways to lead a successful event. Taking bookings prior can help you plan many things, especially when it is an online process. Hassle-free and simple! Many guests attending the event are more comfortable doing reservations, bookings, and transactions to get the confirmation.

Following Safety Protocol: Mask is the new normal since the pandemic has hit the world. Social distancing is one of the most long-lasting effects of it. And, of course, sanitizers are the lifelines. Therefore, it’s a prerequisite to creating a seating and table layout following all safety measures.

Ensuring Safety: It is essential for you to keep your event venues safe by hiring a good security service. The best way to ensure that is to hire security personnel. Are you worried about how to monitor and control so many security officers? Relax! THERMS provides Security guard management software to help you keep track of all security persons and gives you options for calls and emails. You can check their positions, monitor their clock-in and clock-out timings, dispatch them to a location if needed, note their resolution time, get customized reports about their work – all via user-friendly software. It is seamless and intuitive!

Gather Volunteers: The more hands you have, the faster your work will be. Gather people who can help you, assign different tasks to teams and coordinate to ensure that the work is done.

Coordinating a memorable event can be fun – but stressful at the same time. Remember, you shouldn’t be doing everything solely. You need a team on your side that can make a difference. Create a list of tasks you wish to do and keep ticking when done. It will make the entire planning and execution simple. All the best!

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