App Essentials 2016: The Apps You Can’t Live Without

We live in an increasingly connected and advanced world, where technology underpins our every thought, deed and action. Mobile apps play a pivotal role in this, helping us to do everything from completing the most perfunctory tasks to enjoying freemium games – all while on the move.

There are now in excess of two million apps available from the Google Play store alone, and these can help you to organise your life and get the most out of your smartphone usage.

Being without your phone can make some people feel bereft, but what are the apps you might be missing out on? Which would make your phone even more essential.

4 Apps that you can’t live without in 2016

So, here are four apps that you cannot live without in 2016, as we consider niches such as security, gaming, productivity and communication:

Avast Antivirus for Security 

In terms of security, Avast’s free Antivirus app is a must-have for serious smartphone users. This is a powerful tool that has a popular PC counterpart, while this version has been designed to keep malware from your handset and provide advanced AV protection. There are even in-app purchase options available to serious users, including geofencing and remote data recovery.

Tasker for Optimising Android 

The typical Android handset comes with predetermined settings, but not all of these are tailored to enhance your own personal usage experience. If you do need to tinker with your Android operating system, you should use Tasker to tweak settings, secure root access and automate many of the functions that you are usually forced to do manually. This can save time and make it easier than ever to enjoy the best possible Android experience.

Snowball for Social Media Integration

Social media is huge globally, and accessed by billions of users on a daily basis who create a similarly huge number of messages. If you wish to juggle and integrate numerous social profiles simultaneously, you can use the Snowball app to seamlessly manage your data in real-time. Receive live notifications from multiple sites in the form of a drop-down tray, while replying to messages without having to close your existing application.

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