How To Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich

How To Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich is not a very tough question for which you cannot find an answer in the internet. The answer and the procedure is very simple and you can start executing the applications in the Android ICS platform. This update is very important which will help you to unearth the potential of your tablet and mobile device. The recent high end version of the smart phone and tablets has the Jelly Bean version operating system. However, if you have bought your device around a year back, it was the time when ICS features kept rolling out and you could have probably missed to hit the bull’s eye.

How To Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich

How To Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Before proceeding to install the application, it is important to follow the directions carefully. You might have the risk of voiding the warranty of the device.

Take a proper back up of all your files and data. Make sure to install the driver applications from Samsung website before proceeding.

  • Make sure to create a new folder named ICS Update in your PC.
  • A Windows utility called ODIN is required to be in the folder which will flash the custom firmware updates. The clockworkmod Recovery file whose .tar.md5 file should be in the ICS folder.
  • ROM is very important and the cyanagenmod team has done enough to make them work without any interruption.  Make sure to have the file for the Google Apps and just have them as .zip in the ICS folder. Do not extract them.
  • Now, install clockworkrecovery mod file and run the ODIN utility. Make sure to select the recovery.tad.md5 file in the ICS folder.
  • USB connectivity should be established with the device and PC and now boot the device in install mode.

Press the appropriate options to download and install from your PC and restart the device.

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