Update Your AT&T Galaxy S3 with Parandroid Custom ROM firmware To Unlock Its Potential

S3 users can install and update in their AT&T with latest Parandroid version Custom ROM firmware which is loaded with features in the ICS laden Samsung Galaxy S3 device. There is no final word on the official launch date of this custom ROM firmware update. However, the users can still use the developer version update of Jellybean 4.1 for Galaxy S3.

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This article will explain you in detail about the Custom ROM firmware features on its update process and also will describe you in detail on how to update your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 with Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 with Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware

The recent past witnessed the unofficial launch of beta version of Jellybean 4.1 update. It is very important to note that the process is not the official launch acknowledged by Samsung Electronics and this is only a beta launch by the developers. Many thanks to the developers from thebz1 who are recognized by XDA and these were the people who were instrumental in designing and developing the application. There will be few bugs and performance lag as expected because the application is still in the labs.

Known Bugs:

  • Camera will be force closed.
  • Only normal Bluetooth A2DP functionality will work.

Changes Made:

  • Camera functionality of force close is fixed.
  • Random reboot bug is fixed.
  • Code optimization and performance increased
  • Other minor bugs are fixed.
  • Simplistic and effective user design interface
  • Has undergone a major Kernel update
  • Trebuchet is included
  • Bug regarding clean installation is fixed.

“Disclaimer” It is very important to go through the instructions before starting the process. All these steps should be followed to avoid any loss or damage to the data in the phone or to any hardware. The team will not be responsible for any such loss or damage caused due to the update. In case if you face any issues, the team will try its level best to address the issue.

Follow the simple steps provided here to take proper back up of your phone before you start the process. It will help you to recover your Samsung Galaxy S3 to its normal functioning mode in case of any problems. In case of any loss or corruption of data, here are the steps to be carried out.

Use this link to take back up of your SMS and to restore app.

Use this link to synchronize your contacts with gmail application

Use this link to take back up of call log and to restore the phone

You can copy all your images, music files, movies to an external hard disk

For APN and MMS Settings -> Applications->Settings->Wireless and Network->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names

Now Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging — Enable USB debugging mode in your AT&T Galaxy S3. Make sure the minimum battery charge available in your phone is not less than 40%. If not, there is a greater probability that the mobile might get switched off in the middle of the process.

So, we assume that you have completely understood about the precautionary methods and instructions to be carried out before proceeding to update your AT&T Galaxy S3 with Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware.

How to update your AT&T Galaxy S3 with Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware?

Make sure Galaxy S3 is rooted. You can downloaded the “Root Checker” application from Google Play Store. This application will help you to know whether the phoned is rooted or not.

Use this link to download Parandroid Custom ROM Firmware Package and Google Apps Package

Connect your Galaxy S3 to the computer through the USB cable. Copy the two Zip files in your device. Make sure the zip files are not placed anywhere deep inside the sub folders.

It’s time to disconnect your device and switch off it so as to enter in to the recovery mode. You can press the volume rocker key up and center button along by pressing Power Button.

Now install the zip files from your SD card when it asks for the option “Choose zip from SD card” with the help of volume rocker keys and along by pressing power button. Select Jellybean AOKP 4.1.1 Firmware package and the Google apps package. This update will take around 5 minutes to complete.

Note: In case if your mobile phone gets hanged or refuses to switch on, you can long press the power button. It will switch off the device. Then remove the battery and insert it again. Now turn on the device again to check for the updates.

Hope this article has given the complete steps to upgrade your AT&T Galaxy S3 with Parandroid custom ROM Firmware. Please let us know if you face any difficulties so that we will try our level best to address the same.

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