Flutter in a nutshell and where to hire dedicated Flutter developers

Flutter has become the first pick for cross-platform mobile development. People hire dedicated Flutter developers to capitalize on the best option on the market. But how to hire a Flutter developer that will do the job for you?

In this article, we will explain the essence of Flutter and the best ways to hire Flutter developer for your business.

What’s so great about Flutter?

What should you expect from app development? Our answer: a seamless, robust, and flexible design that can be easily scaled to different screen sizes, including smartwatches. Flutter is your best choice to get the job done; it comes with features that help developers create an app for any platform, from phones to wearables. When you hire Flutter developers, you can expect a lot of possibilities.

Benefits of Flutter

If you are seeking Flutter developers for hire, you need to know what to expect as benefits.

Vast community support

Why hire Flutter app developers? Let’s see. Since Flutter is supported by Google, bugs, and issues are constantly fixed. On the other hand, the Flutter SDK has a friendly programmer community that helps increase productivity by allowing experts from around the world to easily share their knowledge with all. As a result of these features, web developers will be able to reach a wide range of audiences through their apps while also maintaining the quality of their built products.

Hot reload feature

When developing code for mobile devices, developers usually have to wait for the code to compile before testing it on the device. This can take hours, wasting developers’ time and forcing them to repeatedly reload the app. With ‘Hot Reload,’ developers can see the effects in real-time, giving them immediate feedback to fix bugs or improve their apps.

Very straightforward platform

Flutter takes care of all communication between the native app and the Dart code. This way, you don’t have to — you can simply develop an amazing mobile app while the Flutter team handles the messy work of communicating with the hardware. Flutter makes it easy to create stunning apps on both Android and iOS (and soon Windows) without having to learn Swift and Kotlin, respectively.

Rendering engine

Using standard UI elements and the same design language, Flutter helps developers create apps that can run across all major mobile platforms without much hassle. With Material Design and Human Interface guidelines, every manufacturer and developer is assured of developing a unique app that will resonate with its users.

Places to hire a Flutter developer

There are plenty of places to hire Flutter programmers. While some of the options look better in the short term, other options are better for scaling projects.


Freelancers are an excellent option for short-term projects that require a Flutter developer. They can be hired for a lower price than an in-house development team or agency, and you can choose the skills to be included in your development package. For example, if you only need a Flutter developer to work on a specific project, it’s much more cost-effective to hire a freelancer with the right expertise. The most popular platforms are Upwork, Fiverr, and Toptal. However, they are not reliable when it comes to building scaling projects where you need all hands on deck.

In-house developers

In-house developers are an incredible option for businesses that have large budgets and projects that require a lot of time. They add great value to the project, but for small businesses with a limited budget, in-house developers can be more trouble than they’re worth — because they often come with corporate perks and benefits, onboarding can take a long time, and they often want to keep their jobs while working on your project.


Agencies are a decent option that lies in between. You can pay a good price if you are outsourcing, but the price you pay will depend on your needs — you can hire more developers when you need them and then reduce the number you don’t. It’s an excellent value for money, though agencies tend to charge more than freelancers.


You can easily hire a Flutter developer, but you need to consider what you need — do you want a complete kit, or do you want a small project to be made.

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