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Facts and Statistics of Data Backup

Do you know how your precious important data can be lost or corrupted? How often you backup your data? Where you keep it and do you backup daily, weekly, or monthly? If you are having some important data, then backup is must option for you and what you do if in case you lost your data? EaseUS Todo Backup Home is the ultimate solution for all these needs where you can automate the process of backup and that too with few clicks!

The Importance of Data Backup

How Vulnerable is your data?

– 44% of data loss is caused by mistaken deletion, system crash, or software corruption.

– 14% of data loss happened due to virus attack.

– 15% of households experience theft annually.

– 50% of hard drives die within 5years.

– 36% of data loss is customer information and financial data.

– Thunderstorm, earthquake, tornado, fire and other nature disaster will also lead to data loss.

More statistics about data loss in the following infographic.

Importance of Data Backup


Data Backup Statistics 

How often do people backup data?

Through research annually it has been discovered that;

– 18% never backup their data

– 39% backup whenever they remember

– 18% backup every month

– 9% backup every week

– 4% backup everyday

– 7% don’t know how

– 5% dont have a home PC

Statistics of why people avoid regular backup?

– 25% do frequently backup data.

– 25% is too lazy to do regular backup.

– 18% dont know how to backup.

– 15% believes it takes too much time.

– 9% says its too expensive.

– 5% believes nothing will happen to them.

Different Ways of Backups


EaseUS Todo Backup is a free and reliable backup enables users to back up system and restore it to original state when disaster happens and performs comprehensive backup types. EaseUS have numerous top elements.

Cloning Software

Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to update old hard drive or working framework hard drive to another and bigger one for your PC? In what manner would you be able to make an indistinguishable duplicate of the hard drive? By what means would you be able to securely overhaul your working framework without bootable disappointment issue?

Is there any safe and helpful route avaliable to exchange information and move up to a more current, bigger hard drive? Then again is there Windows 10 clone programming to clone framework disk Windows 10? Really, the best approach to clone your working framework hard drive or other non-system plate precisely to the new one would be much more secure and more convenient than reinstall Windows and load all applications once more.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a freeware apparatus that is perfect to clone hard drive. The item is smooth, flawless and straight forward and allowed to download also. Utilizing this tool you can enthusiastically clone Windows 10 OS to new hard drive inside couple of minutes. You can utilize Disk Clone choice to clone the entire hard drive to another under Windows 10.

Clone will allow you to start your PC and program regularly without reinstalling the system and different applications. Cloning is just an extra component of EaseUS Todo Backup, you can use this instrument to perform Windows 10 support and reestablish operations. We should see how to clone hard drive under Windows 10 now.

Windows 10 System Backup

It’s generally good to have backup. Keep duplicates of your documents on another drive in the event that something happens to the firsts.

As we know, Windows 10 operating system involves bigger space on the system drive than the more older ones. Be that as it may, the first volume size is not changed, so alongside the projects and information expanding, the low disk space issue will show up rapidly and the PC perfoance will be greatly affected. Plus, the solidness of this OS likewise can not be guaranteed completely. Hackers, virus, system disappointment or line deficiency may frequently belittle it and after that leave much devastate.

Luckily, the best system backup and recovery software, EaseUS Todo Backup comes. With its assistance, we don’t need to worry about the system crash or hardware failure any more. It can help us back up and restore Windows 10 system drive very easily, no matter we are newbie or professional, EaseUS Todo Backup provides easy-to-use interface and wizard guides you step by step.

EaseUS Todo Backup can do Windows 10 backup and restore through one-click so that system can quickly be got up and run in the event of a system crash or hardware failure.

How to do Windows 10 system backup with this system backup software?

  1. Install and launch EaseUS Todo Backup.
  1. Click system backup in toolbar of EaseUS Todo Backup.
  1. Select the backup destination, the software will choose the most suitable location by default.
  1. Set schedule to backup files later, daily, weekly, monthly or upon event.
  1. Click Backup options and pop up the following window, set backup compression, password, splitting etc.
  1. Click Proceed to execute system backup.

Free Disk Cloning Software

EaseUS Todo Backup software is a faster & easier disk cloning software with reliable & powerful data backup and restore features to fully protect your data and computer.

Disk Cloning Software provides functions such as

– Disk cloning

Provide two ways to clone hard disk: sector-level and file-level.

– Disk imaging

Block-level disk imaging quickly and efficiently backs up the entire disk or volumes.

-File backup

Allow you to selectively back up specific files, folders or file types, including network shared files.

– System backup

Full system protection allows you to easily back up and recover your entire operating system when disaster happens.

– Incremental and differential backup

Only back up changes made since the previous backup, saving time and storage space.

– Schedule backup

Flexible backup scheduler allows backups to run based on daily, weekly, monthly or event.

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