7 Amazing Hunting And Fishing Gadgets You Need to Watch

There are many gadgets you can use to fish and hunt. These gadgets are not only pocket-friendly, they also make your hunting fun, interesting and easy.

The following are some of the gadgets that will help your experience and increase your odds of success:

#1: Fishing and hunting activity meter

The time of day, weather conditions, and moon phase influence activities of wildlife. You need to make activity prediction easy. An activity meter will help you accomplish this task.

The meter combines the position of the lunar with weather combinations. This helps you know when the conditions are perfect. The technology incorporated provides 24 hrs weather conditions.

Below are the features of the Acurite hunting and fishing activity meter with travel fishing rod ( );

  • Predicts best conditions for wildlife activity
  • Has a hunting and fishing meter
  • History chart of barometric chart
  • Time clock and date
  • Twenty-four hours weather prediction

#2: Weather radio

Most of them are portable. It works even in places where cell phone reception is poor. You will get continuous weather reports.

It will sound an alarm to inform you of an emergency. They include tornadoes, floods, and storm warnings.

The technology known as Specific area message encoding [S.A.M.E] makes sure the warnings are for your location. It has an LCD display at the back. This is where you read all your alerts.

#3: Digital thermometer

Temperature plays a key role in keeping the game and fish fresh. The thermometers have a temperature sensor probe. They provide you with both the probe’s temperature and where the monitor sits.

The probe is water-resistant, weatherproof and is ten feet long. This helps in positioning in cool temperatures.

The thermometer has a range of negative fifty-eight to one hundred and fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. It has an inbuilt backlight. You will be able to use it at night.

#4: Weather forecaster

Fish and animals move according to the location of the moon. They do not follow the sun. The best time for you to fish or hunt is when the moon is directly overhead. You can also decide to do it when it is underfoot.

Changes in the moon are not visible. It will be hard for you to identify the position of the moon throughout the year. Your weather forecaster will track the moon’s phases. It will convey the message in simple lunar phase icons.

#5: Firefly

This wind detector uses advanced technology. It is small and you hold it in your hand. It gives you the direction of the wind. It will detect the slightest air movement. Your eyes cannot detect small wind movements.

You switch it on and it gives five hundred and twelve readings in a single second. The report shows on a LED screen after three seconds. It automatically turns off after eight seconds. It is worth every penny as it provides information on slightest air movement. This means more success while hunting and fishing.

#6: Caldwell Wind Wizard II

This device will give you the exact speed of the wind. You will be able to know the trajectory of your hook or arrow. Your accuracy will increase tremendously.

#7: Burris Eliminator

It works well in conjunction with other gadgets. It takes the guesswork out of aiming. It is a riflescope. The information in the rifle is pre-programmed.

When you press the button, a red dot illuminates within the scope. You place the dot on your target and pull the trigger.


Fish Finder

Fish finders are handy at determining the exact location of fish in the sea. This Fish Finder gadget utilizes sonar to not only measure water depth and fish outline but also bottom features. It displays all these on a CRT screen or LCD screen.


It keeps flying insects away. This means you will be able to focus on the task. The gas cartridge is odorless. It heats up a small surface. The gas warms a pad that has a repellent. Scent pads eliminate natural scents. This will keep you undetected. It has no batteries.


It changes oxygen molecules into ozone molecules. The molecules bond well with scent molecules. Fish or game does not recognize the ozone molecules. Animals do not approach from downwind. This is because they cannot smell the hunter. You will be able to hunt more as the animals cannot smell you.

Leupold vendetta bow rangefinder

You attach it to your bow. It emits a beam that shows you a digital reading. It is in real time. This means you will not fumble. You will always be sure of the target’s distance. This is because the actual range is on display.


Hunting and fishing are supposed to be a fun affair. With improved technology on the gadgets, you will make your experience fun. Most of these pieces of equipment are affordable and you should acquire at least one.

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