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4 Ways To Boost Your Construction Company’s Digital Marketing

If your company offers improvement services to businesses, such as storefront design and installation, you need to reach customers before your competition does. You can do that with a carefully executed digital marketing strategy. 

By following the guidelines below, you’ll soon have more business customers seeking your services. 

Design A Great Website

When you design your website well, it is a powerful sales tool that will convert many visitors into customers every day and night. 

Many construction companies tend to think about the physical work that they do for their clients, which is understandable. So, with little thought, they put up a basic website that simply lists their business construction services and contact details and call it a day. But, unfortunately, taking this minimalist approach won’t convert many visitors into customers. 

Instead, your website should offer everything the site visitor needs to engage your services. Ensure your site has intuitive, straightforward navigation so every visitor can naturally find the pages they want. 

It’s also vital that your site makes it simple for people to get in touch with you about their construction projects. Again, a simple contact form that is easy to find on every page will do the trick. 

When your site features each of these elements, you’ll get more qualified leads without sinking a mint into paid ads. 

Write Informative Content

The best sites usually are overflowing with helpful articles and blog posts that help customers and prospects with their problems and challenges. For example, on a construction-related site, informative content could include do-it-yourself videos, articles about the outstanding features of storefront design, common questions about storefront window installation, etc. 

Providing this helpful information is what content marketing is all about. Prospects will visit your site for this critical information, and when they’re ready to have a project done, they’ll contact you. 

It’s not uncommon for a prospect to read your helpful content for months and not make contact. But when they need something that you provide, they will. You offered them something of value for free, and now they’ll come to you for a service you provide. 

Market By Email

Email is decades old, and some may think it’s outdated to sell products and services that way. Wrong. Email is still highly effective for making sales if you have an email list. 

One of the best reasons to have a great website is you can use it to collect potential customers’ email addresses. Then, every week or two, you can send out an email blast containing helpful information about improving their home or business with the services you provide. 

If you regularly offer helpful information to your email list, you will convert them into customers over the months and years. 

Google My Business

Wherever your business is physically located, you should use Google My Business. This is an offshoot of Google Maps; Google My Business lets you write a business listing that shows up on Google Maps.

Millions of people across the country use Google to locate businesses in their area. Likewise, it’s common for them to rely on Google My Business to find a company for business or home improvements. 

For a company wanting locals to find them, Google My Business is ideal for obtaining visitors from the people you want. When people search for your company, they will see a map to your office, company reviews, and more in one concise interface. 

When you create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your construction company, you will discover you’ll have more qualified leads coming in, which will boost your bottom line over time.

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