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Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps For Android Devices

There’s no doubt that an Android can do many wonders, all credit goes to the great developers who create useful and awesome apps for Android users. There are many apps for Android that makes our life comfortable and easy, today we will be discussing Screen Recording apps. As I said earlier, there are many apps in Google play store to choose, but it creates confusion while choosing the best one. Trying each and every app available in the Google play store is not at all possible. It only consumes time but also a boring work, but don’t worry anymore because today we’ve decided to list down Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps For Android Devices to help our readers in choosing the best screen recording app for Android. Screen recording apps are very useful for recording tutorials and courses, so without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the topic

Top 5 Best Screen Recording Apps For Android Devices

1. SCR Screen Recorder: SCR screen recorder is the most popular screen recording app in the google play store, it I also of the lightest application to record the screen of the phone in real time. The special thing about this app is that it doesn’t have any interface or look, once you download the app, it just shows an overlay from which you can start or stop recording.

2. Shou: Shou is an another great application to capture your Android screen for making awesome videos. The app is still in beta mode, but it has all the features which a perfect screen recorder should have. One additional feature which I love about this app, you can mirror your Android screen to any nearby airplay enabled devices. By the way, you need to join their Google community in order to download the app.

3. REC: REC is a simple screen recording app for Android devices, you can also say REC as an enhanced screen recording app. It provides a beautiful and simple interface which is easy to understand. Anyone can download the app from google play store to start making awesome videos. You should definitely check this app if you want to record your screen.

4. ScreenCast Screen Recording App: ScreenCast is an excellent alternative to REC app. It can record videos in stunning high quality which many other apps doesn’t do. Users can easily record their android screen at high speed frames per second with sound; you can also see or modify the videos which were recorded previously through the inbuilt gallery option. In my opinion, it is a must try app for everyone who loves recording screens.

5. Ilos: Ilos is the last screen recording app in our list, it can record videos in multiple resolution and frames per second such as 1280×720 and 1920×1080 pixels. The best thing about Ilos app is that it doesn’t show any type of ads and users can record videos with no time limits. To all those who are struggling to record android screen must try this app as it provides excellent features and unlimited recording.


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