Top 7 Popular Travel Destinations in the World

Many people believe that if you haven’t really travelled you aren’t really educated. Seeing the world and experiencing cultures is what makes one learned. However, when stark reality hits us do we realise that it is not easy to see the world and neither is it affordable to travel across planet earth. In the time and money constraints it is important to decide which the best country to visit based on your budget and time. Here are a few suggestions for the same.


Paris is a definite to visit spot on the world map. Located in France in Europe it is the ideal honeymoon location and vacation spot. It interests not only couples but history lovers too. Known as the ‘city of lights’ and the ‘fashion capital of the world’, Paris houses the prized Eiffel tower and other monuments and archaeological sites.


Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia in the New South Wales region. It is on the oldest known cities in Australia. Famous sites like Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House and long beaches that make Sydney a fun spot to visit. Sydney suits all; it can be adventurous, fun, and quiet people.


London in England has everything any traveller would be looking for. It’s got some of the best known universities in the vicinity, the best restaurants, some of the most interesting museums, wonderful war sights, zoos, shopping malls and a wonderful nightlife. Experience the majesty in England, the land of the Queen.


Venice in Italy is one of the most beautiful interconnected cities on the world. A single one trip to Venice with a 2-3 day dedication to the city should be enough. Strolling around the grand structures with small water ways with gondolas make pretty sites. Beautiful views from affordable hotels and cheesy food are strewn around for a foodie’s paradise.

New York

New York in the United States of Apple is the capital of the world, also known as the Big Apple. Experience the ultimate city life with some of best known restaurants, nightclubs, shopping malls, brands, and all that can be expected form the most developed city in the world. It is a state-of-the-art city that should be on the must-visit list.

Cape Town

Cape Town is the most travelled city in South Africa. It offers a fantastic climate, nature’s bounty and up-to-date infrastructure. It boasts of the famous Table Mountain National Park, the Cape Point which is the end of Cape Peninsula. It supplies the traveller with a rich architectural heritage and modern novels of technology at the same time.


Agra in India is located on the northern part of the country in Uttar Pradesh. It houses the wonder of the world called Taj Mahal, the beautiful ad mystic white structure built by the Mughal rule. Visit the Agra Fort along with the Fatehpur Sikri a little away from Agra. Strewn with some beautifully Mughal styled hotels and a wonderful bouquet of Mughlai food Agra is must visit if you are visiting India.

Travelling each corner of the world will be impossibility but including these top 7 places to visit in the world should probably suffice.

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