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Telegram for PC Download Telegram on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Not many know how the app came to be and how it has jumped to the top. There is a saying, when the top goes down that is when we rise, most fortunate is that the saying worked pretty well for the Telegram. When the top messaging app went down for few hours, people started to try many apps and one of them is Telegram. The app became one of the most downloaded apps for the day and amazingly the app has done well all over the world. Telegram hit the top charts and became a top free app in the play store.

Telegram has been receiving such vibes from many users and other experts that the Messenging app became an overnight sensation because of the downtime of Whatsapp, and it motivated the Telegram authorities to come out and give an official statement over the issue. Telegram Stated – Telegram has been No.1 in many countries from Arabic, Spanish to Latin American app stores, the analytics are from before the Whatsapp made a deal with Facebook.”. According to the analytics report, telegram has been doing well and the rise in new users started to grow before the Facebook deal with the Whatsapp.

I assume that you have heard of the social networking website called VK (Vkontakte ), Telegram has been founded by the same Entrepreneurs of the Vkontakte. Telegram is the mix of Snapchat security, features with the speed of Whatsapp. Telegram is founded in Russia by the Russian Entrepreneurs.

Telegram for PC: Download Telegram on Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7

Features of Telegram for PC

As we all are aware of the fact that the social networking site which was founded by the Russians is straight up clone of the facebook, which is a fact. The same thing has been repeated by the Russians brothers by creating a clone of Whatsapp. You can notice the features from Whatsapp such as the Green check marks, Wallpapers, Friends last login time, send ,receive, transfer contacts and more which are from Whatsapp. Nevertheless, the app developers said that the Telegram has taken many security measures to ensure the texts exchanged by the users are highly encrypted.

Telegram has founded back in 2014 August by the Russian brothers so that they can provide safe and speed texting services to the users. The company has been confident on what they claimed, and they have also challenged to crack the security and win $200,000. The Telegram has made their point that they have the best security for the users which many apps lacked at that time, that’s what Telegram dev team responded. The team has reserved the rights to take up the Windows bugs.

The idea of Telegram knocked the head of the founders, in 2014 all of your messages were completely in control of the team, and it can be manipulated by the Govt or any other secret agencies, and that was the drawback from Whatsapp and other messaging apps. Founder of Telegram Durov explained that He wanted to create something where nobody can see the messages between user and user friend shares between themselves. There is no doubt that the Whatsapp is unique and magnificent touch to it and the Telegram team supported it to create an app which has all of it along with the security. The Telegram wanted to leave everyone behind with high-end encryption where the user has the power to delete the text from two seconds to a week.

The company was ready to pay anyone who can find out the flaws or any bugs in the security of the app. Not only that the Telegram has also doled out over $100,000 to the developer who reported a bug.

Telegram For PC

When Telegram hit the market by surprising the world with similar features like Whatsapp, not many were interested as they were already on the Whatsapp. But the app did very well in many cities and countries who have never used Whatsapp before. The reason why the company was so confident is that they thought they could provide high-end text and media encrypted texting between amigos with any middle person interference. The Telegram started to understand the needs of the users, and they have begun the services, or the have introduced the official version of the desktop. Telegram so that the users who want to use the desktop version of the Telegram, do not have to rely on the third party applications like Bluestacks or any other emulator which can run the Android apps on the PC.

Telegram has introduced the official Windows, Linux, and Mac version of the software and you can even use it via a browser.

Download Telegram For PC

You can now download the Telegram official Windows, Linux and Mac OS based software for you PC. You can visit the official site and start with downloading the software.

Just because you are not on your smartphone does not mean that you are limited by the features. The story is completely different when you switch to the desktop version because you can experience larger screen version of Telegram and the features are wide, not limited. You can even picture on how the experience would be when you are on the desktop version.

Why picture it when you can access it by downloading the desktop version.

Telegram For Windows 10/8.1/8

Not many know that Telegram does not support the older version of the Windows such as Windows XP and Vista, while you can manage and get it work on Windows 7 (Any version).

Telegram for PC/ Desktop Installer

The desktop installer works smoothly PC with dual core processors and you can access to all of the features without any limit. If you are wondering what are the installing process then you need to follow the standard installing process which you can find on any software.

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