Whatsapp will be banned for Nokia and Blackberry users soon

Day by day whatsapp users are increasing mainly in India. It is finest way of chatting with many options. Whatsapp also providing updated facilities with respect to changing technology. There is no mobile company which will not accept whatsapp till now. But this is going to change as whatsapp decided that it will not support for Nokia and Blackberry smartphones. Nokia collaborated with Microsoft to compete with present reputed mobile brands and to be in top position. This is the last year of Nokia and Microsoft contact. Nokia and Microsoft combination smartphones are going to end by this year. Even Blackberry also updated with its operating system. Earlier blackberry also used its own operating system and recently it entered into Android version.

Both Nokia and Blackberry are planning to come out of their flaws. Both were top position earlier and now they are trying to get back their position. For this Nokia collaborated with Microsoft and trying to overcome its problems. Blackberry decided to manufacture their mobiles with updated Android versions instead of using their old operating system. Recently whatsapp announced that it will not support for Nokia and Blackberry mobile devices. This will cause huge effect to the mobile brands as whatsapp became most common App in all mobiles. Whatsapp took this decision recently and there will be proper reason for this. Because this is not a small issue as there are lot number of mobiles under these mobile brands. There will not be any effect for old mobiles but this will effect only the upcoming mobiles. This was confirmed one week back by whatsapp itself.

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