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Samsung galaxy tab 10.1-footprint of prosperity

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

We are not talking about the tablet which reminds you about the diseases, Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 this tablet work as a painkiller which help you to get rid from the bulky laptops which you have to carry  with you in office ,college, schools. Samsung the world’s best Electronics Company with Google operating system has launches tablet 10.1 which really makes difference, its touch make you feel delighted, its size is compact with the adorable Sharpen HD quality display.  A complete gadget with all feature embedded in it .it gives you a better experience for work and play provides you better web browsing with flash ,better multitasking, and even better speed with HSPA+.

Some qualities of new horizon the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

Unbelievable design

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 offers you amazing looks which can increase the shine of your personality,it is just 565grams and 8.6mm slim  isn’t it amazing whole world of feature is just about ½ kg as much as one of your book ,it offers superlative experience with thinnest and lightest large screen tablet available !Enjoy the unpredicted mobility thanks to the amazing design.

Huge Screen

Display is the most basic part of any device it reveal the complete feature which are embedded inside the device memory. the new Samsung tab 10.1 has high definition screen of 10.1 inches which deliver spectacular screen sharpness with 1280 x 800 WXGA display boasting a pixel density of 149 ppi (pixel per inch) which can create a huge difference between display of other tab’s and Samsung galaxy tab 10.1. Movies programs with rich graphics will pop to life on the tablet’s screen and you can enjoy them completely.

Multi-tasking and web browsing

Being multi-tasking is the demand of time and Samsung  tab 10.1 fulfills it completely it utilize mini apps feature which is truly multitasking feature it allows you to easily access commonly-used features such as calendar, PenMemo , Worldclock, Calculator or task manager they can pop up at any time while a full screen application is running.

When we discuss about web browsing it makes us speechless you can browse without limitation without hindrance websites float on the browser surface, internet browsing speed is magnificent. it has  Adobe Flash  player support which make you able to watch video online smoothly  .it has  both HSPA+ and Wi-Fi access it makes you to stay connected 24/7 wherever you are you can enjoy fast and stable connections to the internet for speedy browsing, download and more!!

Appreciable sound

Are you in party mood!!! If not just get up and listen a single song on Samsung tab 10.2 it will surely change your mood completely, get groovy or relax to some easy listening with the music hub you’ll be able to access an extensive collection of popular and classic songs along with their artist information, album art, critics music reviews and may more this change your whole experience of listening music in one go..!!

Connect Socially

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 make sure you always remain in contact with your near and dear ones ,also with business colleagues, it has a tool named as Social Hub which is a powerful tool allow you to easily manage and have real-time access to multiple email ,instant messaging ,and social networking accounts through one portal.


Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is perfect package of everything, awesome design perfect shape and adorable to carry so don’t wait for the right time make this time the right one and go and grab it .it is only for you…. 😉

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