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Samsung Galaxy S4 2013 Specifications

Introduction to Samsung Galaxy S4 2013 Specifications

Yes, the news is true if you are still rubbing your eyes with amazement. Samsung has decided to come up with the next supermodel of it Galaxy S series. Samsung Galaxy S4 has been decided to be launched by the March of next year. Samsung Galaxy S3 got a grand success after hitting the market and Samsung sold around 20 million S3 handsets and is already up with the fast spreading news of this new model. However, till the date the leading company of mobiles manufacturing has not confirmed it yet officially, but again these news cannot be kept hidden for much days.

The news about this handset or the leak, to be more accurate in words was done by The Korean Times, a professional release date rumour spreader. It claimed to have a gossip with an official of Samsung who gave them the news about this phone. However, they did not name the reporter for specific reasons. The Korean Times also confirmed that the launch of the handset will take place at Mobile World Congress in the Spanish city of Barcelona. It may also be noted that the same kind of news got into hype before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S3. It had the same news that the S3 model would be launched at MWC but Samsung later on decided to keep the handset away from it. Well, everyone would be keen to know the basis of this news and the reality of it.

In fact according to recent news, the Samsung twitter page completely denied this fact that there is a date proposed for the launch of the next successor of the S series. It said that any such rumour made by a media group (the name was not given specifically) about the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 is completely false. Well, the reality still remains a mystery for now.

Specifications Proposed

Let’s talk about the handset now. Instead of all these rumours spreading all over the air, there have been some proposals regarding the specifications of the new handset. However, the complete specifications will take some time to get into market let us have some expected facts regarding it.

Screen and Processor

It is quite obvious that as it going to be the new one, it will be having some more features. One of them is a bit bigger screen. To start with it, the phone will be having a 0.2 inch bigger screen in comparison to the 4.8inch screen of Samsung S3. However, the processor of the mobile phone will be kept as the same as that of S3 which is the quad- core Exynos processor chip.


The phone is also expected to come with a 13 megapixel camera in comparison to the 8 megapixels camera of the present Samsung Galaxy S3 model.

The model is also expected to have a 2 GB RAM to make the phone faster.

Well, there are a lot to come yet about this phone and we all be looking to the facts and figures. Keep visiting the site for regular updates on the topic.

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