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How to increase Youtube views- 2 Simple Steps

Here in this new post of ours, as we are receiving many mails regarding a article on how to increase the Youtube video views by our loyal readers, we are providing you with some very useful and important tips that has to be kept in mind when we are posting a Youtube Video. Although there are number of things that has to be maintained properly to get a massive youtube traffic, here we are providing you with the 2 simple and best working tips that help you to boost your number of video views on Youtube.

Adding Subscribe Annotation

Adding Subscribe Annotation to your videos helps you a lot in getting more and more views. As, if a viewer likes your video but it is not compulsory that he goes down the video bar and subscribes to you. Some may not have enough time or be a lazy person, so, if you add a Annotation to your video at a half time and at the end of the Video they may click on it and may subscribe. Every time you release a video a notification will be sent to him and if he looks at it, he may view the video. This is one of the ways you can get more views.

Creating the Playlists

The other way and the most efficient and professional way to boost your Youtube traffic is to create a playlist of particular topic. Creating a playlist makes your channel look more professional and as soon as the video ends the next video from the playlist is played such that the viewer is not lost after a video completes. Further more if you end your video with a suspense, the viewer will be eager to know it and can watch the next video. Thus it is also a awesome way you can increase and buy youtube views.

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