Happy Diwali 2018 HD Images, Wallpapers, Whatsapp & Facebook Dp, Status

When it is the festive season, it can be the perfect time to change your mobile or laptop wallpapers too. The festival of lights and colors is about to arrive soon and it is a great idea to show that up on your devices also. You can select the best of wallpapers for your smartphones, laptops or desktops to make your face glow up with the festivity happiness whenever you see it.

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There are so many different wallpapers that you can choose from. Crackers, candles, diyas, other lights, rangolis, decorations, sweets, religious looks, and so on can be the perfect ones to choose from. Choose the one that you think is perfect to lift up your mood whenever you see your smartphone laptop or desktop.

One thing that you need to be sure is that you should check the resolution of the wallpapers while you are downloading them. It may happen that some of the wallpapers may get blurred on your laptop or desktop because they are actually meant for the smartphone. Again, at the same time, some wallpapers may not support in your smartphone because maybe they are made for the desktops and laptops. Hence, the best is to check out the resolutions before downloading them. Of course, there are also many such wallpapers that are designed to be compatible on all screens.

New clothes, colorful lights, sweets, gifts, and so much of fun is the perfect way to welcome the goddess of prosperity and also the New Year as per the Hindu mythology. Throughout the country, almost everyone waits for this amazing festival to be with the closed ones. Also, today the flavor is spread out to different other parts of the world also where Indians have settled down. So, the countdown has already begun and you may have so many things to do to celebrate this year’s Diwali.

Happy Diwali 2018 Images for Facebook and Whatsapp Dp:

Changing your Whatsapp DP and Facebook Profile picture on different occasions have become a trend now. If you are not changing your DP or profile picture, your friends may land up thinking that something is wrong with you. Haha!! Just is the craze of social media these days.

So, looking for some cool pictures that you can use as your DP or profile picture? Maximum of the people mainly use their own clicked picture such as a selfie or a groupie for the upload. Also, there are many people who upload other images such as the rangoli that they have done at the house entrance, or the decoration of the house and some people even do not back out to spread the joy by uploading a tray filled with sweets.

Are you someone who has not got your own clicked pictures this year to set as your DP or profile picture? Do not be upset as you can get a range of images online that you can use. You can get images of colorful diyas, candles, beautiful rangolis, and many more that can provide positive vibes and color to your profile.

Also, when everyone else is putting up their selfies and other clicked pictures, you can stay a bit different by uploading images available online.

Diwali HD Images For Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp

Looking for HD images to send across with wishes? Being social is something that connects you to a wide number of people and hence posting festival images becomes an important task. You may search for HD images on Diwali for your Instagram or Facebook profiles. You may tag all your friends and post the image and see comments flooding over the post.

With the new status feature of Whatsapp, you can put up the HD Diwali images if you are not getting time to wish everyone individually over the chatting application. Apart from the status, you can also send Diwali images to the Whatsapp group, if you have one.

These images available online is a pleasure to the eyes with glittering deepaks, colorful candles, beautiful rangolis, yummy looking laddoos, and many others. Also, there are images of Lakshmi Ganesh and sending such an image you can wish everyone with lots of happiness and prosperity for the coming year.

Not just images, there are also small GIFs available such as crackers firing, the diya light flickering and so on. There are also many such Gifs where the lights and special effects make patterns to wish ‘Happy Diwali’ and these illusions are something that actually makes the festival a celebrated one.