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[FIX!] PUBG Emulator Lag Problem

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is the fastest growing, records breaking game ever made in history. With exciting graphics, voice chats and multiplayer features the game has attracted millions of people all across the globe. With the help of PUBG Emulator, Users can play PUBG Mobile Version on their Low-End Computers and laptops. 

A plethora users have raised many queries on the internet portals and few have contacted us personally to help them with a guide to FIX Lagging problem of PUBG Emulator while their gameplay. Under your requests here we share few different methods which help your gameplay work lag free.

[FIX!] PUBG Emulator Lag Problem

So make sure to follow these three methods mentioned below and make sure to note that one method worked on a computer might not work on another. As it completely varies from the hardware and software versions installed/assembled for your pc.

#1 Clear Cache

The first thing to do is to clear the cache directory. If your PUBG Mobile Emulator For Pc seems to be too laggy, Then make sure to clear the cache files of it. So to do this, Open PUBG Emulator and go ahead to the Options which is found on the top right corner of the window of Tencent’s pubg emulator.

#2 Diagnostic Tool

Make sure to check the Diagnostic tool within the PUBG emulator. This reveals all the system resources used by the emulator from the kernel of the computer. From this report compare it with all the software versions available on your pc.

Now, Go ahead to the Tencent Gaming Buddy‘s properties. This can be done by Right Clicking on the ICON of PUBG Emulator and thereby choose to Open File Location. Then search for App Market and right click on it thereby choose properties.

Now here in the AppMarket Properties, Choose Compatibility tab and in there “Run Compatibility Troubleshooter” or else change the compatibility modes. Change the Mode from XP to the Latest available and run a performance test based on your needs. Also, make sure to tick that “Run this program as an administrator” to provide all the processes of the game admin rights. If you can see the taskbar open while on gameplay, Then tick mark that Disable Fullscreen optimizations.

#3 Customization

Open the Tencent gaming buddy emulator and go ahead to its Settings Center. Then choose the category Engine and in there make sure to select OpenGL+ for the best gaming experience. With the default, The option is set to Smart Mode which is not good for you gameplays on a low-end pc. As it messes up the cache directory.

Bonus Tip

While you’re on gameplay, Open task manager on your windows computer and choose “Tencent Gaming Buddy“. Thereby right click on it and click on Go To Details. Now right click on AndroidEmulator.exe process and set the priority to above normal or high.

This makes the emulator get permissions of hardware use more than required. Thereafter get into trial modes of the game and test the performance of the gameplay. Make sure to re-change the settings and test your best settings mode where you can run the gameplay smoother. Hoping that you found this post useful. Make sure to share your impressions and queries in the comments section below and do share this post on your social walls to help this post reach the needy.

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