Do You Really Need an Intro on Your YouTube Videos?

Vlogging is the current approach which is being utilized to educate people as well as share personal opinions and views.  With this method, it is possible to earn a living especially if your idea is smart and has the potential to attract many subscribers. YouTube is the main platform which is making all this happen. This site provides you with a platform whereby you can upload your personal videos and make some cash from them.  However, for you to make any significant financial breakthrough, your videos should not only be of high quality but also their contents should be impressive.  The one mistake which many vloggers will make in their videos is failing to create an intro and simply jump to the outro where they think the “juicy” part of a video is.  This is a terrible mistake as it will result to a kind of inconsistency in subsequent videos. In case you lack the means or the know-how of creating the intro part of a video, it is better to make use of free intro maker as it will give you an opportunity to continually customize your intro and make it appealing.  Basically, here are the reasons as to why you should consider having an intro in your YouTube videos.

Helps you create a Personal brand

The introduction part gives details about your channel and what the viewers should expect.  Therefore, it is in this section where you build the first impression and get some sort of personal association with the viewers. You can give the name to your channel something which will enable the viewers to recognize your products. For instance, in the intro, you can have your brand name like PetMark and keep it consistent in all your videos. This way, it will become easy for YouTube viewers to recognize your brand which I believe is very healthy for any given business.

Hooks the viewers

A short intro, lasting around 1-4 seconds, is a good startup to allow viewers to get prepared for what you are intending to share with them. It actually sets the users in the right mood so that they can gain as much as possible from the video.

Defines who you are

In most cases, viewers will be engaged with a brand which they are well familiar with.  But in order to create this familiarity, there is the need to define yourself as a vlogger and let the audience know what you have for them. This can be well achieved in the intro part of the video which should not last more than 15 seconds.  Therefore, it is advisable to spend some amble time in creating your intro and research widely on the various resources on how to create a catchy introduction.

The above points clearly show that the intro of a YouTube video is as important as the outro and it, therefore, should be prepared with critical attention as it represents your first impression of which there is no second chance to do it better.

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