Best Five Apps Like TikTok

We have abundant apps available on the app store. Just like several apps, Tik Tok has gained massive attention from the users soon after launching it into the market. Usually, people love exhibiting their skills and outstanding talents such as singing, dancing and more before their friends and the people. Tik Tok is one such app that has fulfilled the interests of the people.

Through this app, one can easily depict their emotions in an exceptional manner. This app lets the users record various videos from the device’s camera and share them with their friends or others. Once you are done with editing your videos, there is a feasibility to add filters, effects, and stunning stickers to the videos and turn them truly outstanding.

Tik Tok app has turned out to become a part of life for most of the folks. However, there are some negative comments regarding the content available on this app. As a result, the High Court had to ban this app and Google removed this app right from the official Google Play Store official app store. Now, everyone is exploring for the best alternative to Tik Tok app. In this post, we have come up with a list of the best apps like Tik Tok. Have a look!

Best Apps Like Tik Tok

Tik Tok is an excellent social networking app that has gained massive popularity all over the world. It is a popular dance video or dubsmash type of app available for both Android and iOS users. People who are seeking to express themselves before others then, Tik Tok is a perfect app. If you are exploring for the best alternatives to Tik Tok then, we can come up with the best apps like Tik Tok below. Check it out!

1. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is one of the best apps like Tik Tok originated on the app store prior to the Tik Tok app. With the help of this app, one can create various dubsmash videos based on their preference. Not only the common people but also the celebrities across the world use Dubsmash app in order to generate funny videos that include dance videos as well as dialogue videos and more. This app is perfect for those who have amazing lip-synchronizing abilities. One can create a funny lip sync video within a less span of time using this app.

There is a feasibility to explore the popular dialogues, voice clips, musical bits within the app. All the users can access this app and create videos using their mobile phone’s camera. Besides this, one can import their preferred music right from their devices or some other sources. It is quite simple to create a funny lip sync videos with much ease. One can access different funny videos of unique genres and follow the people who make the best dubsmash videos. It is even possible to share those videos with your friends or beloved ones.

2. Vigo Video

Vigo Video is another best short video social networking app available on the internet. One can create the best videos with unique music tracks that lasts long for a short span of time. The users can shoot the videos, add music and generate great videos by augmenting special effects to it using their camera. One can find millions of free stickers available on Vigo Video app simultaneously by creating a dance, funny or dubsmash videos.

If you are a naive user then, it is quite simple to understand the procedure to access Vigo Video. Besides this, the users can browse videos of other Vigo Video users. It is quite simple to create an account on this app or connect it through your social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or more. All you need to do is to log into the app and access a plethora of features.


It is another best video creating app available for both Android and iOS users. Some of the best features of the LIKE app include the ability to access magic effects. One can make use of the feature ‘Make Duet Videos’ with your beloved ones and generate a stunning combo video based on your preference. On the LIKE app, you can find an excellent feature i.e., 4D Magic. The users can utilize 4D effects that include controlling the fire, rain and the complete movement of the earth. Magic Live Stream is the outstanding feature available on the LIKE app.

4. Triller

Triller is an excellent app that helps the users to generate the simplest way of creating videos without any mistakes. It is also possible to access the camera in order to generate high-quality videos through their talent and stun the entire world without any effort. There is a feasibility to capture the outstanding funny moments of your life and transform them into a unique form of art.

One of the best things about Triller app is that the users can associate with their friends and loving ones. It is also possible to create a group video. It offers the best full-screen experience to all the users. It is one of the best apps like Tik Tok for all the video freaks. Just capture the lively moments of your life and share them with your beloved ones exhibiting your best skills and start spreading the fun among your friends.

5. StarMaker

It is another best free to sing app available for all the music adorers. It is a popular singing app that brings out the singing talent in the folks. It is truly identical to the Smule app available on the Play Store. There is a feasibility to make duet videos using your voice as well as the video clips. It is also possible to alter the mode you look with the world using your eyes.

Final Words

That’s all! This is all you need to understand about the best apps like Tik Tok for the video lovers. We hope this guide has given enough information about the alternatives to Tik Tok app for Android and iOS users.

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