Automation Features that make Service DeskSmart

ITSM is a dynamic field, and it will remain the same for a very long time. This technology has always been under constant threat due to evolving technologies. But now with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, ITSM is evolving.

The Smart ITSM will help in using smart automation and along with the self-guided process to drive employee satisfaction. It also helps in knowledge management, change management, problem as well as incident management. It is not easy to operate a service desk, and this is the reason why people these days are planning on automating the whole deck.

There are 5 main areas that is going to make a significant impact.

  • Automated Ticket Routing

Smart ITSM services are all about automating the most critical tasks i.e. automated ticket routing. Ticket routing is one of the most stressed-out jobs that service desk members usually do and automating this process will reduce a lot of stress and reduce human intervention. They will be able to work on the other essential things that matter rather than spending their entire time with ticket routing.

  • Guidance for Users

AI will do a terrific job with automating tickets, but it is not going to cut it. There are so many other things that AI is bound to handle. One such thing is providing the necessary guidance for users. If you feed it with the essential information of categories, sub-categories, and other essential items, AI will utilize them to work even more effectively. This scenario is the best way to get work done without spending a lot of efforts. The users will get their answers while you do not have to waste time on them.

  • Knowledge Sharing

Collecting knowledge is not going to make things happen because you should be capable of utilizing the experience in the right way. You have to make the knowledge shine. The practical technique to do that is by providing your agents and other requesters with access to a database. Further, AI will curate the articles that they require and give it to them. This way, data segregation and management will be done without any human intervention.

  • Employee Analysis

Attaining sustained growth is not something that only one person can attain. It is an effort that an entire team has to put in continuously to make things work and succeed. But it is not easy to get all of your employees on one-page! Some of them have their doubts and would not be giving their hundred per cent for the job too. In such scenarios, the best way to deal with things is by assessing employee satisfaction. The right way to do it is, with the help of AI. Yes, the AI can observe and asses your employee satisfaction levels. The report that it gives will help you in driving and motivating your employees for organization success.

  • Incident, Problem and Change Management

These three things are incredibly significant for a service desk. Using the CMDB and other tools very less, and utilizing the AI technology to its fullest will help in working productively. AI will help in finding patterns and relationships. These patterns will give the organization the insights about the service desk and what are the things that they can do to make the situations even better than what they are now. Effective change management will aid any organization in the long run, and hence you have to be pretty careful about all the things that you do.

Benefits of AI in ITSM:

Some notable benefits of ITSM are

  • Utilization of AI Technology

For many people out there AI may sound like a buzz word but believe me, it is a lot more than that. The AI technology has a lot of power incorporated in it, but sadly, the business world is not using it entirely. But now the times have changed. Automation of various tasks will result in the saving of a lot of time for the service desk managers, which they can use for something more substantial.

  • Increased Use of IT Asset Data

The IT departments should stop looking at ITSM as a standalone strategy. Combining both ITSM and ITAM will help in viewing the technology in a different light. The data that one gets by combining both these technologies will turn out to be much more useful than anyone can anticipate. The service desk will be able to analyze everything with ease.

For example, let us consider that one of your employees has raised a ticket. Further, the AI will look into the combined data present in both ITSM and ITAM, which will give better insights about the employee requirement. In this way, the time taken to solve this ticketing issue will trim down pretty quickly.

  • Use of Smart Devises

Using smart devices such as chatbots, along with automation, will increase both customer and employee satisfaction. It is the best way to be available for the customer almost all the time. Using artificial intelligence and ITSM for driving a service desk is one of the most essential and mandatory ideas these days.

Key Takeaways:

Be it an employee or a customer; it is vital to answer their issues as soon as possible. Days are gone when people used to request services from 9 to 5. These days’ customers need answers whenever they question, and the best way to keep them in the loop is by interacting with them all the time. And advanced AI chatbots are created to do that. If you feed them with the required information, these chatbots are capable of solving all categories of issues without your interference. This approach is the most excellent way to reach out to customers without wasting much of a time.

The advantages to the IT team and the organization as a whole are ample and well worth the endeavour. To explore more about automation and ITSM, visit

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