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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has helped the Korean manufacturer to spurt up tablet sales across the world market. Apart from selling smart phones like hot cakes, Samsung has reaped in billions of dollars as profit by selling Galaxy tab versions.

Raving Reviews About Android Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was launched long back and it still has the same craze with its beloved customers. The tablet device gives better and sharp quality display and is most suitable to execute your personal and official works. The device is ultra thin and has a superlative design. It is absolutely feather-weight which makes it a darling to the owners. The device allows you to personalize the home screen content through which you can access the features instantly with the finger touch.

Features of Android Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Consider Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as your mini laptop and leave out the worries. It is high time to watch movies, browse with limitless possibilities, play all possible games, multi-task all your applications and read your favorite ebook or magazine. Digital functions such as zoom in and readers hub makes it most attractive.

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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 provides a powerful social hub and multimedia functions. The right kind of accessories like desktop holder, external keyboard can be the right accessories to play around with the device. Additionally, the entire suit of Google services and applications will help you to keep engaged and glued to the screen.

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