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7 ways: widows 8 better than iOS

Windows 8 is now accessible for anybody to download, and it previously illustrate tons of potential. In fact, Microsoft’s intrepid new OS, which prompt us a bundle of Windows Phone, surpassed the iPad in some key areas. Settled, there were things we didn’t like in our Windows 8 shopper glance — and the iPad 3 or iPad HD is presently around the corner — but there’s no question that Apple will soon have a authentic clash on its hands. Here are the top 10 ways Windows 8 is enhanced than the iPad precisely now.

1. Windows 8 is more personalized than iOS

Though iOS symbolize photos with icon in the form of flower, Windows 8 allow you prefer any photo you want to colonize the live tile that live on the set off screen. And that’s just one of thousand customs you can modify the screen you’ll see most. You can shift items around, and name them using the Semantic whiz trait groups of apps around.

2. Faster multitasking on Windows 8

No double- beating a button to see your substance here. Windows 8 lets you thumb through the request you recently unlock fast and fluidly just by blowing from the left edge of the display. Windows 8’s modern UI makes faster multitasking possible. The modern UI is nothing but a clever use of CSS and Metro Element, which is already found on windows phone.

3. People App: afar the Address Book

One of our desired features in Windows 8 is the People app. wondering why? Since it normally links duplicate contacts so that there’s only one person for a specified name. So, for example, if your friend is on Windows Face-book, Live, and Exchange you’ll see all of those accounts listed.

4. Windows 8 gives swifter access to Settings

Want to unite to a different Wireless system or the locale for your app? On iOS you need to egress the app you’re using and open the surroundings app. On Windows 8 you just punch left from the right side of the display and valve settings.

5. You can admittance and connect files in Windows 8

Yes, Android does this previously, but Windows 8 does it well again. Using the Mail, for example, you can easily fix photos or permit to outgoing electronic post using Windows 8’s well-designed folder picker. It’s a doddle to select more than one dossier whether it’s stored on your contraption.

6. Windows 8 lets you crack apps next to each other

Say you want to work on a worksheet while astound out to idler. Or you feel like to watch some videos while tidiness out your inbox. Windows 8 makes it easy with its snap shatter characteristic or trait. Building on Windows 7, you can effortlessly redo the window size so it takes up one- third or two- thirds of the check when you place it next to another open program, whether it’s with your touch to fiddle with it or using a mouse. Plus, Microsoft is functioning with developers to improve their apps so that you get all the functionality you need yet in a slighter window.

7. Internet Explorer 10 Is a super fast browser

Internet Explorer 10 is one of the fastest browsers we’ve tested. On our home association connection sites loaded almost as soon as we were done incoming the Uniform Resource Locator in the address tavern. In a side-by-side test with the iPad 2, our Samsung Tablet weighed down with Windows 8 narrowly beat Apple’s pan, weighting seven popular sites in an regular of 4.3 seconds, against 4.8 seconds for the iPad. While we wish the tabs were always evident and perceptible, we like how Windows 8 makes it simple to slam all of the tabs you’re not by means of with a sole tap.

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