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Write About youtube downloader Apk:

In the present world, the Internet has become the most crucial thing in anyone’s life. And for entertainment, YouTube has become the care of address for everyone starting from the small kid to the retired old persons. But the problem arises when the internet problem is observed. for avoiding this issue to interrupt our joy and entertainment, Dentex has come up with the best application, YouTube Downloader.

YouTube Downloader

The team Dentex has developed a YouTube downloader application which is designed to let its users download it easily and after downloading, let the users download YouTube videos in a very easy and faster way. The interface of the app is also very smooth to handle. This app is not available directly in the Google Play Store. It needs to be downloaded from the other external sources found on the internet. The apk should be downloaded from any liable source and then to be installed on the Android device.

How to Download and Install youtube downloader Apk for Android devices:

The download of the youtube Downloader app requires the implementation of the following sequence of steps.

steps to download YouTube Downloader app:

  • To download this app, the first step you need to follow is to connect your device with the internet connection source, whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Then search for the YouTube downloader in any of the web browsers available.
  • Find some site with the real download link of YouTube Downloader. Then download it.
  • Keep track of the downloaded application, whether it is downloaded in the path where the default download folders exist or the new location that you have modified.
  • Once you know the path of the downloaded apk file navigate to the folder once the download is completed and the next installation to be done.

steps to install YouTube Downloader app:

  • If the app downloaded from the Play Store, the installation process would have been automatically started once the download process was done.
  • But now the download is done from other external site and that too manually. hence the installation process also should be done manually.
  • There are some prerequisite steps to be followed before installing the app on your Smartphone or Android device.
  • You need to allow the Unknown sources option in the settings of the security tab.
  • And then click on the downloaded apk to run and the installation process starts.
  • To find the downloaded apk, you need to use file manager.
  • If not you can also wait until the download is completed and then click on the notifications bar message of download completed and click on it will take it as install action.
  • By the above steps, the app will be installed onto the Android device.

YouTube Downloader application Interface:

The application’s interface is divided into three different tabs. The first tab contains the search option, the second tab is with Formats and the third tab with the Dashboard.


This tab is used for searching any file you want to view. It allows you to type some word related to video and then the list of all the videos related to your search query within seconds. Here you can try any query related to videos that you want to download. The program will display the list of every item related to your query.


This is the second tab. Here you can choose the format of the video like MP4 or VLC or any other and another thing you can choose the quality of the video (720p, 480p, MP4, MP3 or etc…).


The last tab is the dashboard tab. Here you can view the list of all the video’s you’ve downloaded through this app. In this tab you can also change the format of any of the videos. FOr doing this, you need to install one additional plugin that you can download from the app itself.

How to Use youtube downloader Apk for Android Devices:

As we know the YouTube Downloader for Android is an Android application that allows you to download YouTube videos and to extract or to convert audio to MP3 from YouTube videos. Using this app includes the following things.

  • Searching for the videos in the application itself.
  • Searching for the audios in the app itself.
  • Use the app to share any YouTube video from the YouTube app while watching any video on YouTube.
  • Can also share YouTube plain text link via any application.

You cannot download all the videos that are available on YouTube through this application. The videos that cannot be downloaded from YouTube are,

  • Videos that require a login, which include age restricted videos.
  • Some implemented encrypted streams. The videos like complete movies with high-quality videos come under these encrypted streams.
  • The videos that are not available in your country.
  • Live events also cannot be downloaded through the YouTube Downloader app.

YouTube Downloader is a great tool, where you can download YouTube videos from YouTube. The video URL is needed for downloading it. The URL can be shared anywhere with anyone.

Requirements of youtube downloader Apk:

The major requirements for downloading YouTube Downloader apk are space requirements and settings modification.

Space requirements:

The application requires 3.9 MB space on the Internal storage of your Android device.

Settings modification requirements:

The application can be installed only when these requirements are fulfilled. Hence, this article clearly explains what are the settings to be modified and how can you do that with some sequence of steps.

Firstly, security settings need to be changed to allow unknown sources. The steps required for this are listed below.

  • Go to settings menu and fetch for security settings in the settings list.
  • click on security settings and you will be redirected to the security settings tab or menu.
  • There you try to find Unknown sources option.
  • This option has a toggle button to the right corner of it.
  • Toggle it to switch on that means to allow the Unknown sources.
  • Allowing unknown sources will allow any applications from the external sources other than the Google Play Store to be installed on to the Android device.

The second modification is related to disabling the apps that draw on other apps.

  • There are other apps as Halo, Screenfilter, Twilight, LastPass password manager or anything that are similar to this app.
  • These apps to be disabled for the reason that they do “draw on other apps”.
  • This step is for a temporary purpose for installing the YouTube Downloader application. Otherwise, the app may not be installed to your device.

Features of youtube downloader Apk:

The best features of the YouTube Downloader by Dentex team areas follows:

  • Search for YouTube videos within the app:

The user can search for the YouTube videos within the app and there is no need of searching explicitly in the Original YouTube app and then come to this app for downloading.

  • Download on your device:

The main feature of the application is this. The app allows the users to download online videos to the offline storage i.e., on your device storage. This makes it very easier to access your favorite videos on your device itself.

  • Remote download on another PC via SSH:

The app is an Android app, but you want the video to be downloaded on your PC. This app makes it possible. The only thing is to connect your PC to your mobile device remotely through SSH. This avails you to download the video remotely onto your PC directly.

  • Audio extraction to aac/ogg or conversion to MP3:

This feature is to use the audio of a video file for karaoke apps or something like that. The audio in the YouTube video or any other video is not in the format MP3. The application converts it to MP3, the well-known format for everyone. The menu for this is available in just a single click on items in the dashboard tab of the application.

  • MP3’s ID3 tag edit:

This edit is required to refine audio extracted from the YouTube video.

  • Mux Audio only and video only streams into a complete video:

This helps the user to unite the only audio and only video files into high-resolution stream available separately.

  • File management:

The app also acts as a file manager to manage files downloaded through this YouTube Downloader. This menu is available via long-click on items in the Dashboard tab.

  • Handle download link:

The download link generated in this application can be copied or shared with others via any other apps on your device.

  • Video list filters by format, quality etc via (left) sliding menu:

Here in the application, we can list out the list of videos by applying various filters like the format of the file, quality difference, and many more features through the sliding menu on the left.

  • Many preferences to customize usage:

You can make your application interface very easy and interesting and personalized by customization option with many preferences.


From the above functionalities and features, we can say that YouTube Downloader application is very useful and helpful for everyone who is interested in watching YouTube videos and have some internet issues at times.

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