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What Do You Get If You Unlock Your Phone?

Nowadays locked and unlocked phones are all around us and we hear and see those terms pretty often, but what do they mean? What do you get if you unlock your phone and how do you unlock it?

Locked phones are limited to only certain carriers. You can only use your locked phone on the network that the carrier chooses. Other limitations come with locked phones too – like being “locked” to certain locations or areas so when you travel to another country you won’t be able to use your network services. Phones that are locked come with pre-installed software too that you can’t delete.

So how do you unlock your phone? You can wait for a few years and check if you are eligible to get your phone unlocked by your carrier, but that’s a big hustle and there are a lot of pre-requirements involved. Another way of doing it is going to a local phone shop and let them unlock your phone, but local phone shops are sometimes not available or have too much work on their hands, so it can take up a lot of time. The best, easiest and cheapest way of unlocking your phone is by using an online service, like SafeUnlockCode. By using an online service, you can unlock your phone in a few minutes without even leaving your house.

Unlocked phones get rid of all the limitations imposed by your carrier. With an unlocked phone you are free to use your phone on any network and from any location. You can sell your unlocked phone more easily too then a locked one because it’s objectively better to own an unlocked phone. You will also have the option to delete the pre-installed apps and get the software updates as soon as they roll out, not as soon as your network carrier decides to.

So now that you know what you get with an unlocked phone and how to unlock it, you can go right away and unlock your phone and get rid of all the limitations.

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