Ways to integrate your learning life cycle with your employee life cycle

Learning life cycle and employee life cycle has always been very closely related to each other which is why connecting them and tracking them together doesn’t just massively benefit your organization but also gives a clearer picture of employee insights. The connection can also attract and retain employees longer, saving a lot of company resources till they finally reach the end of their employee life cycle in organic fashion and bid you a healthy farewell. 

Just like, as it helps generate online Pay Stubs, and makes it more easy for generating and printing. There are three stages of a learning life cycle and 5 stages of an employee life cycle. All the three stages of the learning life cycle affect every single stage of the employee life cycle which is why they are so intertwined with each other. 

The stages of learning life cycle includes,

  • Pre training stage
  • Training stage
  • Post training stage

Pre Training mostly works around motivating the employees and getting them enthusiastic towards the company and the work they are going to do while the training portion is to train them for their job responsibilities through different training methods and tools. Online automated softwares like ThePayStubs are the best tools for new employees as they are easy to use. It also helps generate online pay stubs, making it more easy for generating and printing.

Earlier training used to take place traditionally through conferences, seminars, workshops and offline training programs but now the trend of using learning management systems or LMS has been going up rapidly as it provides a lot of effective and engaging ways of adult learning. Post training stage takes a follow up on the employees to ensure that they have understood what has been taught and to track if they remember it. 

Similarly, the six stages of employee life cycle are, 

  • Preboarding
  • Onboarding
  • Development and Growth
  • Reboarding
  • Offboarding


Pre boarding practices start before the first day of your employee. The pre boarding practices have their own pre training, training and post training phases where the employees’ motivations are fed, company values and employee culture are taught and it is ensured that everyone has an access to the training material. Pre boarding can be made easy throughout all the stages by implementing an LMS as it offers gamification of the course to make it more engaging and storage options for the course as well.  


Onboarding starts on the first day of a job and is the very first step towards getting started. The pre-training portion of onboarding focuses on making the employee feel welcomed and accepted in the company which reduces the time-to-performance for the employee; while training is full of onboarding activities that can both be offline and online on a learning management system. 

Development and Growth:

Development and growth stage in the employee circle majorly depends upon the quality of learning offered by the HR and L&D. Upskilling and reskilling has become one of the biggest priorities these days. In this phase the employees are trained about skills that are relevant to their job directly. However, the training should not just be for the sake of it as it has been proven that good quality development training also increases employee retention. LMSs are the ultimate weapons of flexible, engaging and effective training processes which is why they are becoming a preference for HR and L&D professionals. 


Reboarding comes into play after an employee comes back from a leave, vacation or joins a new department in the same company. Reboarding is kind of like re-generating rapport; similar to pre-boarding with the only difference that during reboarding the employee already knows the company values. The best way to reboarding is to make the employee feel like they have been missed and then they should be informed about new strategies, changes in the company and any news related to the company. This can be done by assigning a training module to the employee and letting them fill their knowledge gaps. 


Like any other life cycle, the employee life cycle also has to come to an end and that end is called, offboarding where the employee finally leaves the company. In the worst case scenario, this can be an emotional affair and if the employee feels like working in the company was not very good, your brand image can be damaged. Offboarding can be done with a simple and nice offboarding event to say goodbye. You can also take inputs from the employee that is leaving about various things as they have direct experience in working there. Encourage them to make videos, blogs, sound bites and any kind of content that can help the new employees learn. 


Learning life cycle and employee life cycle are very intimately connected and should be balanced well for the overall development of the employees and the company. Tracking and strategizing these two simultaneously can be as tedious as executing them. So the best way to integrate these two different but interconnected cycles can be done through a learning management system. Paycom LMS is popular for Paycom payroll services that offer you the tools to track everything related to employee cycle including recruitment, onboarding, progress tracking and paying. 

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