Trends in Mobile Banking App Development to Follow

Statista reported approximately 2.8 billion users of global mobile payments worldwide in 2023. Digital payments are becoming more widespread – nearly 71% of Americans use banking applications to manage their finances, showing almost 100% satisfaction rates. 

As the popularity of digital apps is growing, the industry of mobile app development is evolving, meeting global innovations. This blog post explores 4 trends and best practices in mobile app development that will make your application stand the competitiveness and the test of time. 

Biometric Identification to Access the App

Using a single PIN to log in is not a guarantee of security anymore – everyone can remember it and enter to access your financial data. Here’s when biometric authentication comes in, reducing the likelihood of unauthorised access. It includes using your biometric data such as fingertip scanning or face recognition to enable you access to the application or even complete transactions without a need to swipe the card or enter a password. Biometric authentication is a much more quick and secure way to access the app since it is hard to impossible to hack or replicate how you look.

A Fully-Fledged Application

Banking applications become a comprehensive platform for financial operations, rather than a complementary tool for offline banking. Migration from mono-functional to fully-fledged apps to access all banking products on your device is a new trend. Modern big data banking mobile applications contain features that allow access and manage user accounts 24/7, send security alerts, allow initiating transfers, pay bills, loan management, customer support, etc. Technically, such apps eliminate the need to visit offline branches and so reduce the workload of your employees. 


Gamification and banking may seem a dubious match, but in reality, game elements are the new emerging trends in banking app development. This is a process of infusing an application with interactive elements that add a sense of amusement and entertainment. Gamification in banking application can be integrated in a form of loyalty and reward programs. For instance, Ukrainian neobank Monobank offers rewards in the form of merch for your virtual in-app cat for completing such tasks as making 5 purchases in bookstores, gym, etc. The more you complete, the more unique merch you get. 

Voice Payments

As people become more concerned over the security of their financial data – banks seek more reliable ways to address security. Meet voice recognition as one of the methods for two-factor authentication as another banking app trend. Now voice payments become mainly possible due to integration with voice assistants such as Alexa who pays off credit card bills or Siri which allows the transfer costs to other accounts. Powered with machine learning, voice payments will make the future of online banking even more responsive and convenient. 

To sum up, mobile banking apps are on the rise. The trends outlined in this post –from biometric authentication to voice payments integration are a testament to the industry’s commitment to innovation and security. 

As you’re aiming at the development of a cutting-edge banking app, it’s important to partner with a development team that shares your aspirations for innovative solutions. S-pro company stands at the forefront of changes in the banking app development industry. Their seasoned team of dedicated developers has brought to market dozens of successful mobile banking applications. They know how to streamline customers’ interactions with your business.

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