GTA 5 Alternatives: Top Games like GTA 5 for Android

Android offers a treasure trove of games for those looking to capture the essence of GTA V’s open-world, action-packed experience. These games provide a variety of criminal adventures, from high-speed chases and heists to the strategic rise through the ranks of the underworld. Titles such as “Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox”, “Go To Town 5”, “Grand Gangsters 3D”, and “MadOut2 BigCityOnline” stand out by offering unique takes on sandbox gameplay, engaging narratives, and dynamic worlds. They cater to different aspects of what makes GTA V so engaging, including immersive storylines, freedom of exploration, and interactive environments, all tailored for mobile gaming. This curated list ensures that fans of the genre have access to the thrilling excitement and varied gameplay that GTA V aficionados crave, right at their fingertips.

Several games offer an experience akin to the open-world, action-packed gameplay of GTA 5. Here are some notable ones:

Payback 2- The Battle Sandbox

“Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox” offers a rich, GTA-inspired gameplay experience with varied missions, including intense gunfights and car chases, across three unique sandbox maps. It features smooth controls ideal for competitive play, especially in its online multiplayer mode. With its high replay value and visually appealing design, it’s a top pick for GTA fans seeking similar thrills on mobile.

Angeles Crimes

“Los Angeles Crimes” is a versatile mobile game blending map creation, various game modes, and extensive community features. It supports intuitive touch and controller play, making for a seamless GTA-like experience. Players can engage in team deathmatches, races, or zombie survival, and also create and share their own maps. This game is perfect for those looking to both explore and contribute to a game’s world.

Gangster Crime

“Gangster Crime” immerses players in an open-world experience where starting as a broke nobody isn’t the end but the beginning of a thrilling journey to becoming a formidable gangster. The game’s driving and gunplay mechanics are highlighted for their precision, offering a wide array of vehicles and weaponry. This arsenal allows players to navigate the game’s challenges, whether evading law enforcement or confronting rivals. The extensive content, coupled with deep customization options for both characters and vehicles, positions “Gangster Crime” as a solid GTA alternative on Android, appealing to fans of the genre seeking variety and an immersive experience in a criminal underworld.

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

“Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime” offers an action-packed introduction and a vast open-world experience, reminiscent of GTA’s signature style. Players can steal cars, engage in gang wars, and follow story missions, all through intuitive controls tailored for high-speed adventures. The game stands out with its regular content updates and events, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. This dedication to dynamic, evolving gameplay makes it a solid choice for GTA fans on mobile.


“Cyberika” is an immersive MMORPG set in a cyberpunk universe, blending intense story-driven gameplay with top-down combat. Players can enjoy a wide array of weapons and cybernetic enhancements, explore rich environments for consumables and upgrades, and loot items from enemies. A unique feature is the ability to navigate the game’s futuristic city in stylish cars, evading traffic in high-speed sequences. This game is a standout for fans of cyberpunk and MMORPG genres on Android, offering a detailed and engaging world.

West Gunfighter

“West Gunfighter” is a mobile game that plunges players into an atmospheric, spaghetti western-inspired open world. Players can engage enemies using a variety of weapons, roam the vast landscapes on horseback, and partake in quests to upgrade skills and weaponry. The game also offers the chance to discover hidden treasures and engage in duels, mirroring the adventurous spirit of the wild west. Drawing inspiration from the Red Dead Redemption series, it delivers a rich western experience on mobile platforms, blending action with exploration and personal progression.

MadOut2 BCO

“MadOut2 BigCityOnline (BCO)” distinguishes itself with a rich feature set, including solo play and online multiplayer for up to 200 users. It offers deep character customization on par with complex RPGs, setting players lose in a detailed city filled with vehicles, law enforcement, and NPCs. The game provides a mix of solo missions for earning upgrades and customization options, along with multiplayer missions offering financial incentives for teamwork and strategy, making it a standout option for immersive open-world gameplay on mobile.

Dude Theft Wars

“Dude Theft Wars” is a playful, GTA-inspired sandbox game featuring ragdoll physics and cartoon-style graphics. It starts players off with minimal resources, tasking them with completing missions to earn currency for weapons. The game’s first-person perspective enhances combat precision, and players can engage in both multiplayer deathmatch mini-games and offline exploration of a vibrant city filled with secrets and activities. It’s noted for its solid multiplayer base, making it a timely choice for those looking for a lighthearted yet engaging GTA alternative.


The Android platform offers a diverse range of games for fans of the GTA series, each providing its unique spin on the open-world, action-adventure genre. From “Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox” with its engaging multiplayer and deep customization options, to “Los Angeles Crimes” that allows for creative map-making and diverse gameplay modes, there’s something for every type of gamer. “Gangster Crime” and “Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime” deliver immersive narratives and expansive worlds to explore, reminiscent of the depth found in GTA 5. Meanwhile, “Cyberika” and “West Gunfighter” explore unique settings, from futuristic cyberpunk landscapes to the gritty wild west, offering players varied thematic adventures. “MadOut2 BigCityOnline” stands out with its massive multiplayer servers and detailed city environments, while “Dude Theft Wars” brings a lighter, more humorous take to the genre.

These games not only mirror the freedom and depth of gameplay that GTA 5 is known for but also introduce their own unique elements and innovations, making them worthy alternatives for mobile gaming. Whether you’re into the high-octane action, strategic missions, or just exploring vast open worlds, these top games like GTA 5 for Android ensure that the spirit of adventure and lawlessness is just a tap away. Each game brings its flavor to the table, ensuring that the world of mobile gaming remains as exciting and diverse as ever.


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