Top 5 Best Online File Sharing Sites

File sharing sites are very useful to share your files with a lot of people; it can also be used as a storage space to store your important files in the cloud. You can easily find an online file sharing site just by googling the term “Online File Sharing,” but finding a safest and reliable one is not at all easy nowadays. There’s a lot risk involved whenever you store any data in the cloud, like getting stolen/hacked by hackers, etc. To avoid such problems, use the sites which I mentioned below.

Top 5 Best Online File Sharing Sites

1. Google Drive: I guess everyone might have heard about Google Drive, in most of the android devices it comes pre-installed nowadays. Actually, It is one of the popular site where you can share any type of files like videos, pictures, documents with your friends/audience. You will also get free 15 GB space with a free account where you can store your files, in case if it’s not enough for you then you should upgrade your plan, just for 1.99$. You can store anything up to 1 TB in an upgraded account. As usual, it is safe and fully secured.

2. One Drive: One Drive is another great and popular online file sharing site where anyone can just create an account and start storing their files in the cloud. As simple as that, in fact, it is also known as one of the simplest way to store data online. Unlike Google drive, it won’t give you free 15 GB space on a free account. Instead, it will provide you with only 5 GB of space where you can store almost any type of file.

3. DropBox: Actually DropBox is the first player to enter in this market, later it started attracting people from all over the world, and today DropBox is used by millions of people daily. It supports almost any type of file formats and will give you free 2 GB space once you sign up on DropBox. You can opt for a paid plan if you want to store more data, just by paying 9.99$ per month.

4. ICloud: If you have apple products then you should definitely try it. Icloud is limited to only Apple users, if you’re looking for something premium then you check this out. ICloud is one of the best-paid file sharing site; you will also get free tools like I work, Keynote, etc. in paid plans. You will also get free 2 GB space in the free account which you can use to store important documents and media files.

5. Mega: Mega is another excellent option which will give you free 50 Gb space on sign up. Mega has managed well to gain the trust of their customers over the years, now it has a quite good amount of regular users. Probably the sad thing is you can’t download any files on an android device unless you are using Mega App. But other than that, everything is perfect in mega which a basic internet user needs. There are multiple subscriptions in mega for different type of users, just choose the one which you think is perfect for you.


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