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Top 4 Types of PBX Phone Systems

Communication is very important for any organization, either it is internal or external. Different kinds of systems are used for this purpose and one of the most commonly used system, these days, is PBX. Private Branch Exchange or PBX is used by a large number of companies to manage their phone lines. It is preferred by every organization no matter how small or large it is as it can easily manage not just few lines but thousands of them.

1- Traditional PBX

In conventional PBX system, a phone box is used and all the other phone lines work through it. Phone service using the internet. Old PBX systems were operated by the individual and a switch board was used for this purpose. It means traditional PBX was not as auto and independent as today’s PBX system is.

2- Hybrid PBX

As its name indicates it offers hybrid features which means that this system supports not just the traditional model but VoIP as well. So, it enables the user to call through the internet service. It is an affordable communication option for those companies, who have to call to the other countries. Companies having traditional PBX system can take the advantage of this as it can be attached with the traditional system, easily.


Companies who want to use internet phone service for making calls must consider using this type of PBX i-e IP PBX. Actually this PBX system uses data network to make a connection between different users. Moreover, it needs just a single phone line. It can be easily expanded if needed due to expanding business connections. As far as maintenance is concerned its maintenance requirements are nearly zero. Due to these exciting features it is really a popular type of PBX and a lot of companies are installing it to facilitate and improve their communication system.


It is not exactly another type, rather just a variant. It is different form of IP as it uses Session initiation Protocol or SIP. In PBX world, this is the latest technology. Other devices like Laptops and cell phones can also be connected with the system. So mobile and laptop users can consider using this latest invention in PBX world.

So these were the main types of PBX used, tested and appreciated till date. If you want to install virtual PBX phone system particularly for the growth of your small business.

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