Tips to use iPhone tracker to track your lost phone

iPhone users can rarely switch to another mobile platform, since they are hooked on their iPhones and keep waiting for the next update to come, so they can upgrade their phones to the next version released. Losing an iPhone equates to losing a pet or a personal favorite for many.

So, if you have lost your iPhone or have it stolen or want to keep a check on your kids’ and spouse’s activities (provided they all use iPhones and are internet-connected), iPhone tracker will make it as easy as a walk in the park.

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How can I track my iPhone?

There are two options to track an iPhone, via GPS and through IP address. Though tracking an iPhone through IP address is less accurate, it is much easier and less time-consuming. Also, using the IP address protects you from having to download multiple apps that can be harmful to your phone or laptop.

There is another usual way to track an iPhone is using the inbuilt app called ‘Find My iPhone’ that helps in locating your lost phone. Using this app you can track the current location of the phone, provided your phone is in the ON mode and connected to the internet. The app helps to track your lost iPhone using the GPS service of iCloud.

You can track, call, display a customized message and also, delete the data on your lost phone using another ios device.

Top iPhone tracker apps

Here we have comprehended a list of the top iPhone tracker apps that use GPS to track an iPhone.

1.       GPS Location Tracker

The GPS Location Tracker helps in tracking your iPhone by periodically saving your phone’s or the device you want to track’s location, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. and saves it to a safe server. You can keep a check on other devices and also track your own stolen or lost iPhone.

2.       GPS Tracker

The GPS Tracker gives you the satisfaction of knowing where all your family members are at any given point of time. The tracker combines the internet mapping features with the features of iPhone and the features of ios 7 efficiently. This app offers you a peace of mind to know the location of your loved ones.

3.       InstaMapper GPS tracking

The app is the real-time GPS tracking app which allows you to share your location in real time and also allows you to track a location, making it perfect for keeping a check on your family, friends, and employees.

4.       GLYMPSE – Share GPS Location

The app is the fastest way to share your current location using GPS tracking with friends and family. Those with whom you have shared the location can view your Glympse on the web-enabled device. You can use this app to track people, but if you have kids, a GPS tracker for kids is more recommended.

5.       GPS Phone Tracker

The GPS Phone Tracker turns your iPhone into a premium tracking device. You can know where your friends and family are in any part of the world using just your iPhone and this awesome app. The app creates a safe tracking system while combining the GPS functions of your iPhone with the internet mapping system.

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