Everything you need to know about TCS Ultimatix Touch mobile App: Full User Guide

TCS i.e. Tata Consultancy Services Limited, it is one of a renowned company in the world. It is Multinational IT Service, Business Solution and Consulting Company. TCS is working from 46 countries in the world and it has more than 387,000 employees. Headquarter of TCS is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Most of the people are dreaming to work with TCS. As per the current scenario, the number of employees are increasing every year, so it’s become very complex for the company to manage a huge number of employees, who are working all over the world.

What is TCS?

Tata Consultancy Services Limited provides Business solutions, Information Technology Services and Outsourcing services. So in every department, they have a good number of employees. Thus, it becomes really hard to maintain all the things about the employees. Hence, to reduce the complexity and handle a large a number of employees, the company launched an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) portal, which is known as TCS Ultimatix. TCS Ultimax is an amazing portal which can be used to manage the entire system of employee management. It is an official portal of Tata Consultancy Services Limited for their employees.

Most of the people don’t know that what is ERP portal? ERP is a business process management software that helps the company to use a system to manage the automated back office and businessfunctions, which is related to Human resources, services and technology. Ultimatix offers a great way to manage the services like HR services, Salary Management, Timesheet, etc.

TCS Ultimatix Web URL changed to

Ultimatix is an official portal of TCS and it can be easily accessed by the TCS employees. It is an official portal, so it has URL when it was created, but now it has been changed. TCS has recently changed their URL for the portal TCS Ultimatix and now, the official website of the TCS Ultimatix portal is

Only the URL has been changed, the content as well as the theme of a new site is just similar like the old domain theme. In addition, the features and functionality which were provided by the old domain are same and everything is available in the new domain, nothing has changed. If you are an employee of TCS and you have already used the old website, plus if you are familiar with all features and functionality, then no need to worry about this change.

If you are worried that, will you able to use the portal with a new URL, then no need to worry about it because everything is same. Moreover, you will not find any huge difference.

TCS Ultimatix Helpdesk

TCS has launched an amazing portal which is really helpful for the company employees. With this portal, one can easily manage his or her timesheet as well as other relevant services. It is true that everything is not perfect, it may be has some flaws. In a same manner, with the Ultimatix, one can face any kind of problem and some users have reported that while using some features they are getting some error like “Your account has been suspended”, login issues or so on.

The issues which are reported can’t be ignored and it is important that all the issues will be resolved as soon as possible. But if one is facing any issues, then what to do? If you are a TCS employee and facing any issue with the portal, then you must have to contact TCS Ultimatix helpdesk. There are two ways to contact helpdesk i.e. phones numbers and email.

TCS Ultimatix Helpdesk Numbers

  • TCS Ultimatix India Toll Free Number – 1-800-425-4827 OR 1-800-225-5827
  • TCS Ultimatix US Toll Free Number – 1-877-827-4639
  • TCS Ultimatix UK Toll Free Number – 0207-2458000
  • Voice: Buzz(VoIP): 500 5555 PSTN : 6060 5555 # / 022 – 25188155
  • Another number are – 1-800-425-2922 OR 1-800-209-3111

TCS Ultimatix Helpdesk Email


Ultimatix portal system makes the whole management system more flexible as well as easy for everyone, and one can access it anytime. But if anyone face any kind of issue related to the functionality or features, then they can reach to the helpdesk. The staff of help desk department will resolve your issue or provide an appropriate solution of your problem.

TCS Ultimatix Mobile App

Ultimatix is good gift for the employees of TCS because it is fully automated and helps the employees in several manners. After this amazing gift, another gift to the employees by TCS is aTCS Ultimatix mobile app, which is available for all platforms like android, Windows and iOS. That means, any smartphone user can download the app and manage it from anywhere.

If want to update timesheet from the office or from anywhere, then he or she will be able to do it as well as if one wants to know about the human resources service or other functions, which are available on Ultimatix, then he or she can find through the mobile application as well.

When the website was launched, then a lot of employees were looking for the Ultimatix app for the mobile phones. Mobile app will help them to access the entirefunctions instantly wherever and whenever they are, so they can update their timesheet on the daily basis.

TCS employees must know that the mobile app of Ultimatix are available with almost all functions and features, so one can download it, install it and avail all the functions of this application. But this mobile app is available for the TCS employees only, who are present in all over the world. One can avail the functions of the mobile app by login into the application with the Username and password. Once you logged in, then you can use all the functionality of Ultimatix mobile app.

TCS Ultimatix – ERP Portal for Employee Services

Most of the companies have its own ERP portal for the automating employee related services, such as HR related service, timesheet, salary, etc. While small companies can buy these services from the other company because it has less employee size. Big organization or the companies who have a huge number of employees have their own ERP portal.

In a same manner, TCS is a big organization and it has more than 387,000 employees and still growing. Thus, to manage all the employees related services, they required to put up a scalable and huge system. So, they launched the Ultimatix portal for fulfilling the entire employee related services.

What One can do with TCS Ultimatix or ERP System?

One can do several things with the ERP system and they are:

  • One can fill the timesheet as well as details of the wok on  a daily basis
  • One can apply for the leaves; Supervisors will have the right to approve or reject the leaves via this management system
  • One will get the information of other TCS employees, like on which project he or she is working, his or her supervisor, email, cell number, etc.
  • Via TCS Ultimatix, one can download the salary slips
  • Employees can download their important documents like appointment letter, joining letter, increment letter, etc.
  • TCS employees can also check that what opportunities are available in their organization for them.
  • This portal will manage your performance and this performance management is used for the promotion or salary hike process.
  • Employees can manage the PF, Voluntary Provident Fund and all other allowance via ERP portal.
  • One can easily get connected to the HR or other team members for any kind of help within a company

How to Reset Password for TCS Ultimatix Login?

Tata Consultancy Services Limited Ultimatix

It is very common with the people that they forgot their password, in that condition what to do? Most of the time, people forgot the password of both webmail as well as Ultimatix portal. This condition has become very critical for them because without login, they will not able to perform tasks like managing the timesheet, sending mails, etc. So, it will be real hard time for them.

If you are also facing this kind of problem, then you have to reset your password. But the question is how to reset password for the TCS Ultimatix Login? There are few options to recover the password. The easy way to reset the password is:

  • Contact the HR department, they will raise the ticket and through that you can reset the password.
  • If your mobile number is registered with Ultimatix ID, then you can send the OTP and unlock it. After that you can reset your password by giving the correct answer of the security question that you selected while creating the account.
  • Another way is to contact the supervisor, team leader or manager and they will send a mail to the Ultimatix team to reset your password. After that, one will receive an email, in which the temporary password will be mentioned, so with the help of temporary password, you can log into your account and then change the password.
  • You can also raise the ticket from the colleague’s system.
  • You can also call the helpdesk number or email them and they will reach you with the solution and help you to reset the password.

These are the ways to reset the password. It would be good if you choose an easy password, which will be easily remembered and can’t guess by any other person. It would be better if you don’t select a hard or long password because in that condition, there are high chances of forgetting the password.

How to download TCS Ultimatix Touch App for Smartphones?

Ultimatix are now having the mobile app, so to avail the benefits of it, one should have to download it on the Smartphone. If you don’t know that how to download TCS Ultimatix touch app for Smartphone, then you can follow the below steps:

  • Open Ultimatix from Smartphone >> Utilities >> Appmart in Android or iOS Smartphone >> iPhone to register the device.
  • Next step is to get registered and authorized. When you complete this, you will be able to see all the applications which are available to download for the Smartphone irrespective of the type of device.
  • Now you can choose the TCS Ultimatix app from the list which is available to download, you can install the app in just one click.

Nowadays, downloading and installing of applications are very easy, but it is an official portal and application for TCS employees. So it has some different procedure of downloading and installing this app. By following the above steps, one can easily download and install the app in an efficient manner.

Features of TCS Ultimatix

TCS Ultimatix is a very good, productive and time saving application for the employees. What are the features of TCS Ultimatix? It is important for every employee of TCS to know all the features of Ultimatix. Here are the features:

  • This allows an employee to update the timesheet as well as work on the regular basis.
  • An easy way to download the pay slip, but for that you have to login into Ultimatix.
  • It also helps a person to manage leaves, via this one can request for the leaves and it depends on the supervisor that he or she accept the request or deny it. One will get the notification about the request either his or her leaves are approved or not.
  • It has a separate section for performance management, which will help in the salary hike and promotions.
  • One can gather the information of other TCS employee like his or her project name, supervisor name, email address, contact number and so on.
  • Helps to manage the allowance that includes PF.
  • Important document like increment letter or other confidential letters, etc. are available on the portal, so one can download it easily.
  • With the help TCS Ultimatix portal, one can apply for the internal job posting within a company
  • Through this, one can easily connect with the HR.
  • One can manage all kinds of allowance through this portal.


TCS is a very big organization, and every person has a dream to work with this company. Most of the people who are in BPO sector or IT sector are like to join TCS or Tata group because they offer a wide range of services to the employees. The employees of TCS are very happy with the work culture, benefits offered by a company, working environment and much more, everything is too good in TCS. So it is a dream company for many people.

In a same manner, the company also thinks for their employees. As the company has many offices in the world as well as huge number employees, thus it becomes very hard for the company to handle all the employees and give proper attention to everyone. Thus, to keep this thing in mind, the company launched the TCS Ultimatix ERP Portal, which is really beneficial for the TCS employees.

Why TCS Employees should use TCS Ultimatix?

There are many reasons for an employee to use this portal, because via which their work become easy and one can manage all the important things in one place. For example, if one needs offer letter or joining letter, then instead of searching here and there, one can easily login into Ultimatix account and can download it from there.

On the other hand, it is very common in a company that every employee has to maintain the timesheet and daily work, and for that one has to put lots of effort. But now their work becomes easier with this portal. If you are not in office and want to update your timesheet, then no need to worry because with the mobile application of TCS Ultimatix, you can update it from anywhere and anytime.

This portal makes a company’s work simpler as well as they are easy to handle all kinds of employees’ activities via one ERP portal. In simple words, it can say that one ERP system makes everyone works simple and easy. It makes easy to handle a huge number of employees’ information via one portal. Therefore, every employee of TCS must have to use this ERP system and it is only available for the TCS employees. Apart from TCS employees, no other people are able to access the functions of this ERP portal.

The company has just changed the website of TCS Ultimatix, so now if you want to access this portal, you must have to use the new URL. Or if you don’t want to use the website all the time, then you can download the mobile app on your Smartphone to access all the functions and features of Ultimatix. Through the mobile application, one can access the Ultimatix from any place.

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