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You must have come across this article looking for some information about ‘’ Fortunately, you have landed in the right place. ‘’ is an affordable and reliable web hosting solution for people. For instance, this platform was manufactured by Jake Epstein. (He is a Senior IT Professional with more than 10+ Years of Experience)

Jake Epstein has created ‘’ and its powerful control panel that can help you manage and build a website from creation to completion. For this, you need to purchase the hosting server from the website itself.

There are more benefits than a customized control panel. A user will get a customized image library consisting of more than five lac images. Isn’t it great in such a cheap hosting solution? Let’s find out some more details about it.

Benefits of

There are several benefits of this hosting platform. Let me formally list some.

  • This website hosting platform is affordable and cheap for the customers.
  • This website hosting platform supports Java, Perl, Python, Perl, PHP, and more.
  • Price plans are on different levels. Meanwhile, you can choose the plan and pay the price for what you choose.
  • MySQL Facility.
  • Images Library.

There are more benefits of choosing this web hosting. We cannot compare it with other popular web hosting solutions. But, this web hosting is working at its best level.

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Build a Website on ‘’

You can quickly build a website on ‘’ It is not as difficult as it seems. A beginner can build it by following the below-given detailed process. 

So, let’s come into the process without wasting any further time.

Purchase Hosting Package – 1

You need to purchase web hosting from its platform. This is one of the must steps. You can choose from the different available options of plans. Furthermore, you can even check out over the internet for the best hosting plan in

Purchase a Domain – 2

The second process is to purchase the domain name. You cannot just run a website on the local server. For instance, just consider purchasing the domain name from the available domain name providers. 

You can purchase from popular domain name providers such as GoDaddy.

DNS Setup – 3

We cannot forget this step. You now have purchased the domain name and web hosting. It is now the time to get the website live over the internet. For this, you need to set up the DNS into the domain account.

You can quickly do this by adding the particular domain name into the control panel of web hosting. After that, just copy the name servers from it and paste it into the DNS section of the domain account.

Within a few seconds, the website will get live to the particular server.

Control Panel Settings – 4

Your website is now live at the You now have to learn about the control panel settings as it is important to handle your website via these settings.

You can quickly add or remove any program after this.

Homepage – 5

Your website is now live, but what about the homepage? No worries. Just select the theme and content from the available options in the control panel settings.

After that, click on the confirm button. The homepage will now automatically get live over the internet.

Upload Content – 6

You are now all done. Your homepage and website are live over the particular domain name. You now have to upload some content to make it look genuine and stylish. You can add some content using the control panel settings.

That’s all.

Bottom Line

‘’ is an affordable and reliable web hosting solution for people. Jake Epstein has created ‘’ and its powerful control panel that can help you manage and build a website from creation to completion. 

Most people were looking for detailed information about this platform. Thus, we have decided to publish content for the same. We hope it helps. For further information, consider asking us anything in the comments section.

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