Money Games I played This Week – Best For Kids

A common problem I see today is that kids are not made aware of the world of finance and money. I have found that online games are one of the best options for anyone, especially kids to use to improve their knowledge in this particular area. And even though there are so many games in the market, it has been a struggle for me to fund something that was easy to use, had a good interface and also helped kids subconsciously get a better grasp of this new field. 

After a lot of browsing, searching and trial and error, I finally found the perfect option in my opinion. There is a website by the name of Mortgage Calculator. They have a huge array of games that I could choose from, however, the category that most attracted me was, in fact, their flagship section of money and finance games. I also enjoyed playing some of their real estate and business environment games since their game simulation was very engaging.

The game that stood out for me however was the Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine, primarily because of its engaging yet simplistic nature. I was honestly looking for a crypto-related game that wouldn’t be too complex or tricky for young kids, and this game delivered just that. All I had to do was tap on the screen to mine BTC and upgrade the mining power with my earnings. However, I think a little more steps could have been added which would demonstrate Bitcoin mining as a process.

Even their Lite Ape NFT Generator was a similar game but for NFTs. Instead of tapping anywhere on the screen to mine Bitcoin, I had to click on the NFT cards to earn money and then upgrade accordingly.

One game I found confusing though is Grocery Cashier game. The game can help with basic mathematics, addition and substraction mainly, but it was too much for me. I think initially easier numbers could have been given. Also, may be the way the questions were framed could have been better. I could not play this game for more than 5 minutes.

However, the most interesting one hands down was their Stocks game. I feel that it is one game that even an older set of kids can play and end up thoroughly enjoying it. 

My younger cousin is a huge fan of the Powerpuff Girls and when I saw that there was a game called The Powerpuff Girls Panic In Townsville, I knew I had to make her try it. I also thought it would serve as a good enough test to see whether or not a younger age group can play with these games as well as advertised. Initially, the game took a few minutes to load, but when it started it was huge fun for her. She was able to navigate through it easily because the interface was giving her sufficient guiding prompts. 

This is one thing I noticed across most of their apps. They have made it a point that there are enough guiding tutorials or suggestions on here to click that helped me get a hang of the game in an instant. While I was expecting the interface to be a little dated, I was fortunately proven wrong. There is no delay in the responses as I had earlier faced with other online free games. Also in a lot of places, I could choose the difficulty level also, which I feel was a great touch especially as their games are targeted at children. 

I have played several online video games both as a child and currently as well. And a common issue that is prevalent in the genres of these games is that they have a very buggy interface which hampers with the user interface. It has been quite a while since I have been testing these games by Mortgage Calculator, and there were no sorts of unpleasant disturbances during the game. In fact, one thing I also loved was that they don’t have any ads pop up during the game. I do feel that my gaming experience is always ruined when I have ads for other websites, games and products show up constantly out of nowhere. Since this was not the case with the games I played on Mortgage Calculator I had a relatively smooth experience. From what I believe, I think you will enjoy playing the games offered by them, and with so many options they provide, you are sure to be spoiled for choice.

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