5 Insider Blogging Tips to Build A Highly Popular Blog That Makes A Ton Of Money

Building a profitable blog that makes a ton of money is an art.

Not everyone can do that. Every top blogger that you know uses a lot of strategies to turn visitors into buyers.

Starting a blog is extremely easy but making it profitable is not.

Here’s where most beginner bloggers struggle. They always struggle to boost their traffic, increase their social shares and make more money from their sites.

If you’re also one among them, this post is a treat for you where you’ll discover 5 incredible blogging tips to build a highly popular blog that makes a ton of money in the long run. Let’s jump into the details.

5 Insider Blogging Tips to Build A Highly Popular Blog

#1. Build a blog sales funnel

9 out of 10 blogs NEVER make even $100.

Yes, that’s a harsh truth.

But do you know why so many blogs fail to make money?

The reason is: they don’t have a sales funnel.

What is a blog sales funnel?

I don’t want to use fancy terms to explain about a blog sales funnel. In simple words, it is a way of turning random blog visitors into buyers.

Here’s how it looks like.

Let me explain the above illustration in simple terms.

Let’s say your website is getting 1000 visitors a day (called leads), and let’s assume you’re turning 100 of them into email subscribers (called prospects). At the bottom of the funnel 10 people are actually buying your stuff (called customers). This is how usually a blog sales funnel works.

So how can you build a sales funnel that makes money?

Here’s a 3 step blog sales funnel most successful bloggers generally use.

  1. Attract more website visitors
  2. Turn them into email subscribers
  3. Using email sequences to turn subscribers into buyers

#2. Reverse engineer your content

Content is king they say.

But most people get it wrong. They just create random content on any topic without even doing keyword research or knowing about whether they are targeting popular content that most people are looking for or not.

That’s the reason why most content gets ignored and don’t get any traffic or backlinks.

If you want to build a profitable blog that not only gets traffic but also makes money, you need to reverse engineer PROVEN content.

Here’s what I mean.

By creating content around topics that are already performing well, you can easily attract more traffic and backlinks really quickly.

So how to reverse engineer your blog’s content?

Here are few quick and easy tips you can use right now.

  • Use sites like Stumbleupon, Reddit, Quora to find trending topics around your industry. The more you write about trending topics that go viral, the easier it is for you to quickly get more traffic from the web.
  • Do a competitor research. Find out which posts are performing well on other blogs in your niche. That way, you can easily come up with a ton of profitable blog post ideas that can go viral and attract some buzz in the blogosphere. You can also use relevant deal pages to boost your affiliate marketing sales with your content.
  • Use Skyscraper technique. This was developed by Brian Dean and it involves in simple steps such as finding top content from other blogs, creating even better content around it and promoting it to the people who already promoted the original popular content.

#3. Backlinks are golden

Let me tell you the secret of most successful blogs that get a ton of traffic from search engines.

They all have huge backlinks.

Backlinks are the backbone of any high traffic website. Just have a look at the image below to know the importance of backlinks.

In the above image, you can see that, your keyword positions on Google are directly related to the number of backlinks that you have. So the more quality links that you attract, the higher rankings you get on Google. It’s as simple as that.

If you want to build a profitable blog that makes money, firstly you need to attract as much traffic as possible from search engines like Google. In order to increase your search engine traffic, you need as many links as possible.

So how can you get quality backlinks?

There are a ton of ways to attract links to your sites. Here are few that work like a charm.

  • Buy backlinks: If you’re just starting out and don’t know how to build links to your site, use trusted sources to buy quality links. Or you can even hire SEO guys to build links for you (they typically use guest posting strategy to build links for your sites). Although it costs you money but it is worth investing when you want to build a blog that attracts more traffic in the long run.
  • Guest post on other sites: If you’re not interested in investing money in buying links for your site, you must invest time in writing guest posts for other sites. Guest blogging is still the most effective way to build dofollow links to your sites. Big Vision Marketing Sydney will help you to find good quality blogs.
  • Use Infographics: Infographics usually generate more buzz online. If you create infographics around popular topics in your niche and make them really appealing, you can attract a lot of links. Just make sure to create an embed code where people can easily embed your infographics by linking to your sites.

#4. Start selling from day 1

People pay you, not page views.

Read the above sentence again.

So instead of solely focusing on increasing your traffic, focus on building loyal audience. You should know how to sell from day 1. Don’t wait for the perfect day to start promoting your products or services.

From the beginning itself, your target audience should know that you’re selling a service or product.

Here are few quick selling tips if you want to build a popular blog that makes a ton of money in the long run.

  • Don’t be afraid to sell. Most beginners are afraid of selling. They think selling is spamming. But here’s the thing: if you don’t sell, you don’t make a penny. Every profitable business such as Amazon, Apple, Google sells products. So selling is not a bad thing.
  • Learn how to sell the right way without sounding like a sales guy. Most people simply spam others emails by pitching their products or services. If you want to be a good marketer, educate your audience before selling. That way you can easily persuade them to buy your stuff without pitching your products hard later.
  • Read books. Books can give you a ton of ideas to master the art of selling. Read all marketing and psychology related books to enhance your marketing skills.

#5. Tap into influencer marketing

Observe any top blogger such as Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferriss etc and you will observe one thing: they all network with each other.

They all give #1 priority to networking.

If you want to be a profitable blogger, make sure to connect with everyone in your industry. Every blogger should know your name and the type of content that you create.

That’s the only way you can build a blog that makes money.

So focus on influencer marketing. Connect with the top bloggers and industry experts. Do interviews with them. Comment on their blogs. Frequently interact with them on social media sites like Facebook and twitter.

Sooner or later, you will realise the power of networking. That’s when you start attracting more traffic, links and sales to your site.

Over to you

So which of the above blogging tip did you find most useful? Do you have any more blogging tips to build a profitable blog that makes money? Share your views in the comments.

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